My New Novella ‘Silence’ Is Now Available

Greetings, my dear reader! It is time for a story, a novella, a new work.

Years have flown by faster than I could have expected, yet they have not been without immense work and progress. These years of dedicated practice have finally yielded good fruit and I have thus come to bring you a story worth telling, a story about the corrupting nature of cynicism and the tyranny one’s mind can lay upon one’s self.

I began writing ‘Silence’ when I was still attending a university and amid thought and contemplation, I wrote this story. It could be said that the story is a reflection of the matters I witnessed at the university, but it also reveals aspects of our human nature that I found intriguing. It is a story about the cycle of thought and the dark powers our minds can lay upon us.

The cover of my novella ‘Silence’.

The story follows an ageing writer named Mr Soren. He is a man in conflict with himself, yet remains willingly blind to this fact. It is a story about the possibility of change and the possible triumph over the tyranny of one’s mind. This is as much as I can reveal to you without spoiling the story and I would be honoured if you would read the novella yourself.

You can purchase a copy from my store page (only available for Finnish customers at this time), or you can visit numerous retailers, such as Amazon – Adlibris – Barnes & Noble.