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The most harrowing of tyrants is one’s own intellect. It is the reality Mr Soren lives every day as his callous heart and bitter soul keep him chained in mundanity. Every day repeats the other, his life fading into memory like a meaningless dream. Even his work as a writer has become a pointless act of duty, leaving no joy for him to grasp.

Yet during his usual nightly stroll in a park in London, his life is cast into turmoil by the appearance of a mysterious and radiant artist. Curiosity, both terrifying and vigorous, awakens within him as voices from his past appear to guide him, steering him closer to her. But the shadows of his psyche are not so easily banished, and he soon finds himself in the middle of a tormenting battle of the mind and spirit. Which voice shall he hearken to? Which destiny shall he embrace?

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