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About P.B. Lindberg

P.B. Lindberg was born in Rovaniemi Finland, during a snowstorm. His first name, Pyry, means quite literally “snowstorm,” or “blizzard” in Finnish.

Lindberg’s journey into the world of writing began at a very young age when his grandfather, also an author, allowed him to write short stories with his old typewriter. Though this passion for writing was suppressed by his challenging school life, it would one day resurface in a burning passion.

His love for storytelling grew long before he realised his passion for writing. Stories such as The Lord of the Rings, Warcraft 3, Biblical stories, and countless others influenced him deeply. During his walk to school, he would act out his own version of these stories, inventing new characters, new places, and new events, all within the confines of his imagination.

When Lindberg was around 14 years old, he told his mother about this habit of his. His mother then urged him to write down these stories, which slowly made Lindberg shift his focus from music to writing.

At the age of seventeen, after a grave heartbreak, P.B. Lindberg wrote and published his first novel, The Battle of the Broken Mind. It was during the writing process of this novel that Lindberg realised his destiny as an author and made an oath to dedicate his life to the pursuit of writing great stories.

Now, P.B. Lindberg studies Theology at the University of Eastern Finland, while building his career as an author. Writing is his deepest passion and he cannot even imagine a life without it. He is said to have commented on his passion in the following way:

“The very act of writing, to me at least, is an act of worship. It is indeed God who has granted me the ability to write the stories I do. Each word I write is a gift from Him and to Him, I always give my thanks for this most precious gift.”