About P.B. Lindberg

P.B. Lindberg, a Finnish writer from Lapland, writes most of his works in English. His journey towards authorhood began at the age of fifteen when he made the conscious decision, inspired by his grandfather, to switch his creative endeavours from music to writing.

At the age of seventeen, while working in Helsinki, Lindberg wrote and published his first novel, ‘The Battle of the Broken Mind’. After the publication of his first work, he entered a five year period of dedicated practice, drafting numerous novels, writing countless short stories, and sharpening his language in the pursuit of true artistic expression.

In 2024, after a struggle between his creative nature and the university he attended at the time, he published his second work, a novella titled ‘Silence’. At this time Lindberg had discovered his style and was now dedicated to pursuing it. He realised he was most interested in characters, their inner workings, and the human soul in conflict. Thus, ‘Silence’ was a stepping stone, for it cemented Lindberg’s understanding of his own writing and henceforth he has dedicated himself to writing stories that explore the deepest facets of the human soul.