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The Battle of the Broken Mind

The Battle of the Broken Mind cover

The dark corruptors have dragged her into darkness. Ava, once a bright and happy girl, is now a mere shadow of her past self, for her life is ruled by grief and fear, and worst of all: hatred grows stronger in her heart with every passing day.

But after she turns twenty, she meets a mystical man called Dr Saul, who promises to help her in her fight against the darkness. Following Saul’s lead, she enters another world, where she faces the dark and twisted corruptors themselves. Will she be able to free herself from the chains and confess her feelings to the man she loves, or will she stay in the darkness and suffer till the end of her days?

The battle of the broken mind is a symbolic story, written by the Finnish author P.B. Lindberg. The book explores the battles we fight in our minds, as well as the dangers of depression and other mental issues. It has a deep message and an encouraging moral, but also exciting battles and romantic events, which all serve the greater meaning of the story.

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