The pain of Mehron, the grand warden of the north. Jalten short stories #2

"Is this justice? Is this truly an act the Gods see as right? If it is… I must be blind" Mehron gazed upon the frozen valley of Aronailos with a deep expression of grief on his face. His long white hair wobbled in the sharp and cold wind and his silver skin glittered in the … Continue reading The pain of Mehron, the grand warden of the north. Jalten short stories #2

Forging of humanity

And so, Amtor stepped forth and gazed upon the broken lands of the west. He stared and the broken souls of the Charitan warriors and for a moment, he grieved. Shinara walked to him and rested her hand on his bleeding shoulder, giving him a smile, comforting him in his pain. Amtor then walked. The … Continue reading Forging of humanity

Song of Valnor

Syl tor nalh jalst. Lo shat nalh'es syl nalsei! Ancient king he was. This is his ancient song! His skin was forged, from the rays of the moon and his soul was sung to be, by the brightest star. His armor was white as the snow of north and his crown was golden like the … Continue reading Song of Valnor

Way of the worldbuilder

Hello, my dear reader! Today, I'd like to share a couple of things about my actual working process and how I turn my ideas to fully fleshed out worlds! This is the first drawn map of my fictional world "Jalten" For me, it all starts with a theme or a overall morale of the story. … Continue reading Way of the worldbuilder

Amtor and Shinara arrive at Jalten

First, in the skies, they swam. With power and knowledge beyond the realm of land. They were free, as the stars of the universe. And their beauty, something beyond the eye of the man. They ruled and they ruled wisely Until the one came to them, precisely A being of light, he said he was. … Continue reading Amtor and Shinara arrive at Jalten