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worldbuilding tips for creating fantasy religions

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Reasons to use world anvil for your worldbuilding

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Worldbuilding And Its Benefits

Today, we're hiking at the mountain of Ounasvaara as we talk about worldbuilding, one of, if not my favourite subject about writing. I've been worldbuilding my fantasy world for over 7 years now and I have a good idea of the benefits it can give to your story!

Sir Jaroc, the light under the shadow. Jalten Short Stories #11

"Jal'es Aara... daerais jal... osol..." whispered a man, cloaked in a black cloak and dark armor. He held a strange-looking leaf on his hands, closing his eyes and kissing it with respect. He muttered his prayers over and over again. It sounded like he was crying for help. He then stood up, hiding the leaf deep … Continue reading Sir Jaroc, the light under the shadow. Jalten Short Stories #11