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How To Name Fictional Characters | Create Memorable And Interesting Names For Your Characters

Jon Snow, Sauron, Gandalf, Jorah Mormont, Bilbo… Those are examples of well-remembered names that genius authors have created. Names are important, for it’s the thing that serves as a bridge to the character’s core, but why is it so hard to create unique names that your readers will remember? If you’ve struggled with names, don’t … Continue reading How To Name Fictional Characters | Create Memorable And Interesting Names For Your Characters

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Writing tips for writing progress

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Why You Should Take A Trip To A Cabin | The Power Of Silence While Writing


In our modern times, filled with information and constant distractions, going on a trip to a place of complete silence can both clear your mind and help you focus on your writing. I went on this kind of trip and now, I want to share some of my thoughts with you!