Sparkle | The Summer That Both Destroyed And Built

Last summer was the summer everything changed.

From A Bullied Man To A Published Author

I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve crafted things with my own hands, I’ve composed the music of all genres, I’ve made movies, businesses, radio stations… I have created many things since I was young and I keep creating to this very day. But how did I end up like this? Why did writing become … Continue reading From A Bullied Man To A Published Author

Forging of humanity

And so, Amtor stepped forth and gazed upon the broken lands of the west. He stared and the broken souls of the Charitan warriors and for a moment, he grieved. Shinara walked to him and rested her hand on his bleeding shoulder, giving him a smile, comforting him in his pain. Amtor then walked. The … Continue reading Forging of humanity

Mental Health And Fantasy

Mental health is an interesting subject. The power of the mind is almost limitless and the effect it can have on one's life is staggering! I know many people who have fallen into the dark side of the mind, where their lives are ruled by depression and other deep issues. I have also suffered from … Continue reading Mental Health And Fantasy