The Painter

He was around 21 when he heard it for the first time, a serene voice, a whisper in a dream. It was a voice so delicate, so sweet that when he had awoken, he had cursed his very existence, for the voice had ceased speaking.… Read More

The Duel

The field was razor sharp and crystal frost had taken refuge on every blade of grass. Lanor’s boots made the frostbitten ground crackle and as he let out an exhausted, wavering breath, a cloud of mist appeared before it ascended into the violet morning sky.… Read More


At the border of chaos and order lies the soul of man. That is how Vincent had always conceived the world to be, the truth remaining like a shining star during a northern winter night. Yet he had for long wondered who were supposed to be the men to charge into this border, this warzone of powers.… Read More