Jalten Character Profile: Almailor, The Star Guardian | Fantasy Worldbuilding

Almailor is a new character in the fantasy world of Jalten. This mighty god-like being uses his magic to defend the mortal realm against dark forces and shares his knowledge with the mortal kings, guiding them to make better decisions.

Architect Revolution And Fall Of The Parliament | Jalten Fantasy Short Stories

Elmor marches to the Architect capital and prepares to take over the country, with any means necessary. Read the newest fantasy short story, written by P.B. Lindberg

Jalten Character Profile: Elmor Tech, Supreme Leader Of The Architects

One of the strongest leaders in the world, Elmor has claimed his place among the most powerful, but at what cost?..

The Blade Runs In The Dark

It’s almost midnight. The tall trees of Sharpwood have already turned silent and the wind grows colder by every passing moment. I ride with my brethren. On today’s mission, there’s four of us. Sir Hoser, Lord Vakrol, Sir Pol, and me, Sir Jaroc. We ride on the narrow forest path that leads us out from … Continue reading The Blade Runs In The Dark

Jatensa, The Divine Father And The Soul Of Existence. Jalten Short Stories #14

Jatensa, the purest being in all existence gazed upon the emptiness. There was no void, nor was there light. Pure emptiness surrounded him, but he was not afraid. With his bright golden hands, he chanted, “May a hammer, created from pure light and power, come to be.” And so, a divine hammer formed into his … Continue reading Jatensa, The Divine Father And The Soul Of Existence. Jalten Short Stories #14

The Tori Blades. Jalten Short Stories #13

It was only when the sky spat fire upon us And the sky was covered in darkened smoke That did the champions of humanity stand forth And showed their worth to the Gods During the Divine Wars, humanity was tasked to fight against Akretsu and Mehron's forces alongside the remaining Charitar and Valtar armies. Humanity … Continue reading The Tori Blades. Jalten Short Stories #13

Jalten Character Profile: Calin Talros, lord of the east.

His family has been a close friend of the Valnorian family. Calin's ancestor, Sir Talros was the one to support king Valnor during the divine conflicts...

Jalten Character Profile: Sir Jaroc

but his wounds were too great and he fell off his horse while riding through the Shardwood. There he laid, coughing blood and preparing to die. His chest had been slashed open and his leg was shot with an arrow...