Why You Should Take A Trip To A Cabin | The Power Of Silence While Writing


In our modern times, filled with information and constant distractions, going on a trip to a place of complete silence can both clear your mind and help you focus on your writing. I went on this kind of trip and now, I want to share some of my thoughts with you!

“And The Light Shall Shine Upon You, Once Again.”

Greetings, my dear readers and friends! I have some good news for you! I've successfully moved to a new home, to a new creative studio and I love it! This new home of mine is perfect for me and I still can't really believe I got this place in the first place! I stressed about … Continue reading “And The Light Shall Shine Upon You, Once Again.”

A Call For Aid And Reading

Greetings, my dear reader! I have some things going on at the moment, some more stressful than others, but basically, I'm starting a new book! I've been working on my fantasy project for years now and I still feel like I need to do some more worldbuilding to actually tell my story in an interesting … Continue reading A Call For Aid And Reading