I Went To Church Today

I went to the old church of Rovaniemi today and I had a magnificant experience...

Jalten Character Profile: Almailor, The Star Guardian | Fantasy Worldbuilding

Almailor is a new character in the fantasy world of Jalten. This mighty god-like being uses his magic to defend the mortal realm against dark forces and shares his knowledge with the mortal kings, guiding them to make better decisions.

The Day That Broke Her Mind And Heart

The pressure had built within her mind and heart for years now–she knew she couldn't stand it forever, thus, she will finally fall... Read the newest romance/fantasy short story, written by P.B. Lindberg

Architect Revolution And Fall Of The Parliament | Jalten Fantasy Short Stories

Elmor marches to the Architect capital and prepares to take over the country, with any means necessary. Read the newest fantasy short story, written by P.B. Lindberg

The Shadow From The Memory

The darkness that took everything from him has once again returned, but this time, he's the one who hunts. The Shadow From The Memory is a short horror story, with added creepypasta elements.

Jalten Character Profile: Elmor Tech, Supreme Leader Of The Architects

One of the strongest leaders in the world, Elmor has claimed his place among the most powerful, but at what cost?..