Since I was a child, I was intrigued by fantasy games and novels and I had a habit of taking some already established worlds and characters and create my own stories with them. Back then I didn’t think I’d become an author or a writer, but that changed soon enough.

When my grandfather died, I felt a certain connection to the work of a
writer. He was an author as well, so I had been able to follow this kind of work since childhood. I soon started to develop this idea of becoming a writer and creating vast fantasy worlds like my idol J.R.R Tolkien and after a few attempts, I had made up my mind and found the purpose of my life. My purpose would be to affect people through my
words and stories and hopefully help those in need in the process.

When I was younger, I got engulfed by fantasy games like Warcraft 3 and the world of warcraft. These rich worlds, filled with mysteries and adventure completely took me with them and I spent countless hours in these fantastical worlds! Though I don’t play them anymore, their stories and characters have stuck with me to this day. Warcraft 3 is still one of my prime sources of inspiration and its characters still touch my heart. One of my dreams as a writer is to write my own games and bring my vision to life!

I also use writing as a means to channel my pain. My childhood was filled with bullying and loneliness, and back then, I saw it only as a negative and dark mishap. But today, I feel even grateful for those experiences, for they opened my eyes to a wider truth. It reinforced my personality and my artistic vision, for now, I have a lot of inspiration for my stories and characters

My characters are part of me, and I create them with great attention and love. My overall writing style is a romantic one, filled with high emotion and beauty, for my personality is a romantic one as well!

My deepest wish, is to comfort people with my writing. I want to change lives and give light among the darkness. I want to give hope to people and save lives from the cold hand of depression. I want to create peace and unity with my words. I want to give others the same experience that I got when I met Gandalf or Arthas for the first time. I want to create the stories that will remain in people’s hearts to the end of their days and long after I’m gone!

“I’ll change the world, not with swords, but with words.”