The Whisper Of The Dream | A Romantic Poem

romantic poetry
I gaze at the sky
My eyes drowning in the vastness of the sea
I tried to hide
But you knew I was here, nonetheless

In the night
I talk to the moon
I let out a gentle prayer
I want to mee you
I know you are somewhere there
Watching the same silver moon

Where are you?
Have you seen me?
I miss you
Though I never met you
I miss your face
Though I never met your eyes
I miss your touch 
Though I never embraced you

Stay strong
I'm coming
Through storms and wars
I'm riding
Keep looking at the sky
Remember me
I'm coming to find you
No matter where you might be

Look at the sky 
I'm coming
And before the darkness can take you
Remember my love

I'll soon be there
Just keep looking 
Reman strong
For so do I
Keep walking
Keep rising
For our meeting is written into the stars
And soon we shall see
Soon we shall love

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