Why You Should Take A Trip To A Cabin | The Power Of Silence While Writing


I’ve returned from my vacation to Savukoski, which is a small and quiet village in Lapland, near the border between Finland And Russia.

The cabin I went to is owned by my grandmother and I have plenty of childhood memories in that place.

The cabin had no electricity. Just a sauna, a fireplace, and some candles, but thanks to my typewriter, it was more than enough.

Thus, today, I want to share my experience in this cabin as well as give you a few reasons you should seek silence and solitude of a cabin when writing your novel, or poetry!

The Arrival

Before I drove to the cabin, I had been incredibly stressed. My neighbours were loud during the nights and I felt like I couldn’t concentrate on my writing as much as I wished.

I couldn’t sleep nor could I really relax, thus, I decided to go on a few day vacation and dedicate myself to enjoy the silence and write my novel.

Thus, I packed my notebooks, pens, papers (around two hundred pages because you must be prepared), and most importantly, my typewriter, for which I had just a week ago gotten the ink ribbon.

After I packed up my things, I drove to the cabin, though I first visited a store to get some coffee and other vital things every writer needs.

I drove for two hours, after which I was greeted with a familiar sight of the cabin.

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Set Up And The Writing Experience

During my stay, I used the sauna countless times. I even took a quick dip in the river of Kemijoki, which was freezing as always.

But how was my actual writing experience?

To put it simply, it felt magical.

As the darkness crept over me, I filled the cabin with countless candles and used the fireplace to give me a bit of sound as well as that lovely light.

I had my typewriter on the table and in the gentle light of the candles, I wrote my novel.

In a few days, I managed to write almost three chapters, one of which was over twenty pages long!

The silence, the solitude… it was something I truly needed and it really helped me write better and think more clearly.

I really felt like a writer, sitting there in an old cabin, writing with an old typewriter. The fact that I couldn’t use my laptop for anything else than to listen to some Skyrim Soundtracks here and there felt so refreshing and it really gave me that feeling of a vacation.

Why You Should Take A Trip To A Cabin

There are many reasons, but the basic benefits are:

  • The silence. You can actually write in peace without anyone disturbing and breaking your flow
  • The change in space and environment. Writing somewhere else than your normal office can make you feel more inspired! When you return back home, you feel refreshed so it will be easier for you to continue writing in your normal environment.
  • Freedom from social media and news. If you go to a cabin without electricity, you will be surprised how good it feels to be free from constant notifications from different social media platforms.

I felt incredibly at ease when I didn’t have to look at every new article, every new Twitter post, every new Youtube video. I didn’t need to hear about anything. I was free to focus on my craft and my own relaxation. I was free to focus on my own life.

I do think that we writers can get caught up in a loop where we just keep tweeting, posting, liking, scrolling, and watching different things, when we should really be writing.

We all have our fears and doubts, and we may try to run away from them by using social media all the time.

So going on a place where you won’t be able to run away from your fears, where you are not able to stare the Twitter feed, is just so inspiring and will definitely help you break your writer’s block.


I really enjoyed my time in the cabin and I’m so happy about the progress I made on my book!

The silence was charming and I really think this experience will give me the strength to keep living in my daily environment in the city.

Thus, I urge you to take a trip, especially during these troubling times. If you have access to a cabin out of the public eye, go ahead. Take your old typewriter with you or even just your notebook.

Enjoy and cherish the silence, for it’s one of those things we don’t usually have in our modern lives.

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