Why You Should Write Short Stories | 3 Beneficial Things

Short stories are a wonderful way to improve your writing skills and bring value to your readers more often.

It’s not surprising that a short story gets written far faster than a full-length novel.

I used to think short stories as useless hacks of literature, simply because I thought novels were the true and right way to bring stories forth.

But now I’ve learned that short stories can actually give you such value that not writing them is utterly foolish.

Thus, today I want to share you three beneficial things that you get when writing short stories.

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Writing Short Stories Improves Your Writing Skills Faster

As I mentioned before, short stories take far less time to write. Some of the stories I publish here at pblindberg.com take me only a single day to write and edit.

Sometimes, I can even finish a short story in a few hours, which is absolutely marvellous when you think about it!

So, how does the time it takes to finish a short story improve your skills faster?

Well, it helps in many ways!

  • You are actually finishing a story. (Finishing a story is where the growth happens)
  • You can receive feedback about your writing more often and faster
  • You are actually writing more stories and as we know, practice makes perfect

These are a few things that I’ve noticed.

When you commit yourself into writing a full novel, it takes a long long time to actually finish that novel. If your writing has some big flaws by the time you’re writing, it can feel crushing to notice those flaws after you’ve been writing that novel for months.

That’s why it’s far easier to write a short story and receive feedback. Few days or a week is not that big of a time to spend on something which may not be that good.

After you finish these short stories, you’ll get feedback way faster which helps you to move forward.

You After Level Upping Your Writing Talent Tree:

This is why I’ve been writing short stories about my fantasy world, Jalten because I want to learn to write in that genre so when I start writing the actual novel, I’m confident in my ability to do justice for my story.

Thus, I’d urge you to see short stories as a kind of exercise you can do in order to improve yourself. Every time you finish a story, no matter the length, you’ll improve.

It is easy to start a story, but growth only happens when you type the last word of that story.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your mind and soul into short stories as you would put when writing a novel. I simply mean that short stories can help you get rid of that cursed perfectionist that can make you doubt your skills

In conclusion, short stories can improve your skills way faster simply because they don’t take that long to write.

Give it a try! You’ll be surprised by the effects!

Writing Short Stories Can Help You With Your Worldbuilding

This is something I do a lot!

You might have read a few of my newest short stories. For example, The Architect Revolution is a complete and original short story, but it’s based on the bigger picture of my in-progress fantasy world, Jalten.

I had an idea about a character, Elmor, as well as the faction, Architects, but just writing some facts about your worldbuilding things isn’t always enough.

Thus, I chose to write a short story and the results blew up my mind!

I got some new insight about Elmor and the Architects, simply because I saw them in action.

Short stories can allow you to explore those historical events you don’t really want to write about in your novel. This allows you to learn about your world more and it actually makes worldbuilding more fun!

Also, there’s the benefit that you can make a short story collection and publish it as one book. Think about that. Kind of like Tolkien did with The Silmarillion.

I’ll go deeper into this worldbuilding thing in a future post!

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Writing Short Stories Can Help Turn Your Smaller Story Ideas Into Full Novels.

Finally, short stories can work as a kind of test area for your ideas.

As writers, we all have hundreds of ideas even in one day!

That’s many ideas and sometimes we might have a problem choosing which one has the strength to become a full novel.

One thing you can do with your idea is to actually start writing a short story about it and see where it goes.

I’ve done this a few times and it has helped me tremendously because I’ve either realized the huge potential of the idea or understood that it should not be written into a full novel.

This, in turn, spares your time because you won’t start a book about the idea and after writing fifty pages realize it doesn’t have what it takes.

Thus, short stories can be your playground and help you either build up those juicy ideas or abandon the ones that really don’t have wings.

No matter if your idea has wings or not, you’ve still written a story about it and thus, improved yourself.

It’s a win-win in the end.

These are just a few good reasons to start writing some short stories.

They’re fun to write and they really only give you benefits!

If you enjoyed this post, share it with your fellow writers and if you’re writing a short story right now, tell me what your story is about! I’d love to hear what you’re writing about!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post. I’ve tried to make my posts look more appealing to the eye and I think I’ve done a pretty good job at that. What do you think?

Anyways, have a great and inspired day and I’ll see you in a future post!

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