Find Your Flame | How To Find Your Calling And Inner Motivation

Calling, the inner flame… meaning for the things we do.

We all desire that I’d argue. We all want to do something that makes us thrilled. We all want to do something that makes us feel alive and gives our lives purpose.

But how do you actually find the real flame among the pretenders?

I’ll try to answer that question through my own experiences, thus, I urge you to continue reading, for it is time for you to find the flame from within you, at long last.

The Pretenders Among Us

One thing I’ve noticed during my days is the danger of pretenders in our lives.

What I mean with pretenders, are basically things we think we either want to do or must do.

For example, you might tell yourself that being a singer has always been your dream and you try to fuel this thought in order to feel fulfilled, but if this is not really your dream, it will eventually burn you out and you’ll end up regretting all the time you spent on this pretender dream.

I too have faced this pretender before. Once I wanted to become an EDM superstar, going on these huge events, playing the music I made in my own rich studio.

But the thing is, I didn’t really want that. The motivation for this dream was external, formed by social pressure, which is far from being a strong source of motivation.

I know how hard it can be to let go of these kinds of pretender dreams, not to even mention how hard it can be to actually notice them, but I do believe that in the end, we all know what we feel. We just have to remain silent for a while in order to hear our feelings.

Finding Your Inner Flame

We all have the things we truly enjoy. We all have those dreams we truly feel resonating within our hearts, pushing us forward, making us work for that dream.

But as I mentioned before, finding this flame can be hard because of the amount of crap the outside world can throw at us. Social pressure or judgement can make us forget our dreams and force us to form a pretender dream.

Maybe you want to paint beautiful paintings, but your family and friends have told you to get a real job your entire life. Maybe their words have made you forget this dream of yours, thus, you lost your sight of the flame.

The good thing is that you can find your flame again, but the actual path to finding it is a thing I cannot explain. It’s different for everyone, but I do believe we all follow the basic guidelines.

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The Guidelines And Path To The Flame

The first thing you should do when on a hunt to find your inner flame is to really slow down and be silent for a while.

Whenever you’re doing something you’ve told yourself is the thing you want to do, really listen to yourself. Listen to all of your emotions, your thoughts. Listen to your body, the way it reacts. Is it tense, stressed?

When I was making music, I had this moment when I just stopped for a while. I just listened to myself and I began to realize that making EDM wasn’t really a thing I truly enjoyed.

I had forced that enjoyment on myself. I had forced myself to create music because of reasons that didn’t come from within, and that on itself is a recipe for disaster.

So take a while to listen to yourself, for we all know these things if we just listen carefully enough.

Another thing you should consider is that sometimes our true calling can be the thing we most hated or despised.

When I was younger, I thought writing was just a job for lonely grandfathers, who smoked their pipes in an old cabin, alone and cold.

That was my view on writing and the funny thing was that it wasn’t even my real view. It was formed by, surprise surprise, social interactions. I created this view to fool myself. I had enjoyed writing since I was a kid, but when my bullying began and I wanted to make friends, I created this view so I would not write.

I thought the writing was uncool because of the words my peers said, thus, I once again allowed external factors to manipulate my thoughts.

But the day came I realized once again my love for writing and shattered the chains that once bound me. I could have not believed I’d be an author a few years ago, but here I am, proud as ever.

The Importance Of Finding The Flame

You might have heard that external motivators are fragile and weak compared to inner motivation.

This is true and I’ve felt this personally.

If you do something just to get friends, dates, money, fame, or anything else that doesn’t come from within, your efforts will be fragile and you won’t probably even enjoy the actual process of creating because your fixated on the ‘reward’.

This is why it is so important to actually feel that flame, that love for whatever you might do.

Only the writers who really love to write can achieve greatness, only the painters who really love to pain can achieve greatness…

The inner flame is the thing that keeps you warm during the winters of doubt.

Finding your calling might take time, but it’s truly worth the effort.

When you follow your calling, you will feel such happiness you won’t find anywhere else and life is about being happy, is it not?

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