How Buying A Typewriter Has Changed My Writing Process To The Better

For a long time, I’ve dreamt of having this on my table

Yesterday, after a long day of work, I drove home, took a shower before continuing my day. I was supposed to go and check on my parents’ dog, but before I drove there, I decided to walk through the flea market, which was located very close to my apartment.

I had visited it a few times, hoping to find that typewriter I had dreamed about for years on end. I can’t fully explain why I’m attracted to typewriters. One reason could be that my grandfather used to write his books with a typewriter. As a child, he allowed me to write some short stories with it some times and I really loved it.

Another reason could be the sound it makes. I love the way the typewriter clicks when you type with it. It has some kind of charm to it that I just can’t find anywhere else.

Or it can be that I just like the old fashioned things, the media-free tools available.

But whatever the reason is, I knew I had to get one, even when I knew it would make my writing process a bit longer.

So, I walk in the store and I’m at the brink of frustration. I have searched many shops without finding a single working typewriter.

But when I’m walking out of the store, a certain suitcase catches my eye. It looked like the kind which could hold a typewriter inside and thus, I go and investigate.

As I opened the case, a wide smile grew on my face as I see this beautiful machine sitting there, waiting for me.

It was a perfectly functional typewriter and the price was on point. Can you believe I got a working tool for only 25 euros?

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So, I got the typewriter and I must say, it’s magnificent!

I really can’t express the feeling I get when writing with this. It’s so much different from writing on a laptop. It feels slower, yet more polished, elegant, and rich.

It feels so much more motivating to see your pages pile up on the table than to see a virtual number on your docs file. It just feels so magical.

But some of you might think buying a typewriter is basically a waste of time because of the fact that you have to copy the text from paper to your laptop. Editing is slower and you don’t have the freedom you have when writing on a computer.

While these things are true, you can still get around them pretty easily.

You can use google lens to copy the text from the paper almost instantly, or you can just copy and write the text to your docs. While this, of course, is slower and takes a few more hours to do, it really feels great to do!

I did this with one of my newer chapters and it kind of felt like I was editing without it feeling exhausting. You don’t have to write anything new, you just copy your old texts there, while still figuring out new words to use and small sections to add or delete.

Overall, typewriter adds a few more steps on your writing process, but it also makes it more elegant and magical. It gives you that feeling of progress and motivation you can’t really get from a computer.

And this is why I bought a typewriter and I highly suggest you to get one of your own! I’ll be posting new articles about my typewriter soon enough!

But until then, have a blessed and an inspired day!

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