I Went To Church Today

Church of Rovaniemi
The Church of Rovaniemi is an old building, which survived the burning of Lapland during the Second World War

I went to church today.

I’ve made a habit of going to the church every Sunday, or so I’m trying to do. This might sound weird to some of you, and trust me, I too was a bit hasty of doing this.

I don’t know how things are in your country when it comes to religion, but Finland and the Nordic countries, in general, are very negative when it comes to having faith. In Finland, religion is seen as this negative force and if you go to church or if you are open about your faith, you get those weird looks of disgust and so on.

I’ve known this since I was a kid. I was bullied in school because of my faith, but it never really got into me. No matter what people did, they never managed to hinder my faith, of which I’m extremely proud about.

This all might sound like I’m from a cult or something, but I’m just a regular guy from a regular family. My family is not a hyper-religious party. The only time we went to church was during Christmas, but other than that, religion was not that strongly present in our lives. The things that my parents took from religion was the norms and values, which have grown strong in my life.

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It was just recently when I started going to church once per week. I happened to read my grandfather’s books, (my grandfather was an author, which happened to inspire me to become one as well), and I began to wonder how I lived my religious life.

Till this moment, I was the kind of fellow who just prayed from time to time and that was kind of it, but even when I didn’t actively go to church, I kept it in high regard. I believed and I still believe that church is an important place that needs more attention these days.
But after I read my grandfather’s books, (he was a priest as well), I had this revelation that guided me to go to church.

At first, it was pretty hard for me. I was wondering what others might think of me because people have a negative stigma about the church. I’ve beaten that fear though, but I must say that it kind of makes me wonder when I see only old people in the church. There’s no sight of people of my age, which almost made me stop going to that place.
But then we get to my next point of going to church. I kind of want to give people an example. I want to encourage people to go to church because it really gives peace and guidance to us.

I think this modern world is too scientific and atheistic. People have lost faith and are wandering aimlessly in the world, trying to fill the hole which only faith can fill.

I’m not the kind of man who goes around, moralising people to go to the church. I don’t walk in the streets and tell bystanders how they’ll go to hell if they don’t go to church. I believe in people and I want them to do the decision.

Actually, my best friend, whom I’ve been friends with for over 13 years, is an atheist. Nonetheless, our friendship is strong, for we both respect each other’s views. I don’t force my religious thoughts upon him and he does the same with his views.

I think the world needs this kind of peace.

Let people decide their opinions by themselves. And though I still believe and hope that people will find faith from within their hearts, I believe that only the people themselves can find faith. No outsider can come and force faith upon them, for that is not faith, is it?

To me, faith has been a strong pillar of me being since I was born. When I feel lost, I turn to God for guidance. When I feel defeated, I turn to God for strength. Even my dream, which is being an author, comes from God. I believe I was put down on this earth to write and inspire people. To create peace and harmony among people and this is the mission I wish to complete.

Thus, no matter what you think of religion, I respect you and your views. Be inspired, chase your dreams and believe that you will be successful. If you have no faith within you now, don’t worry. You’re not a lesser being because of that.

These are some of my thoughts. My church experience today was breathtaking to be real. The way the organ played is just something out of this world and the ability to just sing and feel free for a moment is something I always look forward to.

May your day be blessed and filled with inspiration!

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