Jalten Character Profile: Almailor, The Star Guardian | Fantasy Worldbuilding

Short Backstory:

Almailor is the firstborn son of Amtor and Shinara.

After the Divine Wars and defeat of Mehron, Amtor and Shinara gave their blessings to Valnor and trusted that he would lead humanity to a peaceful future, though still reminding them of their duty. They then fled to the high lands where they laid wounded and weakened. In their suffering, they made love to each other, thus, Shinara gave birth to Almailor.

Almailor is a god, though he doesn’t have the full power a god would normally get. This is because Amtor and Shinara were chained to the world, which weakened their powers.  
Almailor loved his parents. He grew to become a powerful sorcerer, learning the arts of magic and using the powers his parents had used before him. His father used a legendary sword as his weapon, while his mother used a spear. He, on the other hand, chose a staff, giving up any physical advantage, thus, trusting in his magic fully.

Almailor fought against the Astral threats while his parents recovered. He fought against different types of dark entities who tried to enter Jalten. In the year 542, Sylthor sent his avatar to free Akretsu from his prison. He was intercepted by Almailor, who fought against the great evil, defeating the avatar and sending him away from Jalten. This battle was so great that a great storm swept over the land, destroying many cities and making the seas rage.

Now, Almailor has gotten a mission to leave the high lands and warn humanity of the boiling darkness and reminding them of their duty.

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Almailor is an older man, dressed in white and golden robes.

He wields a great wooden staff, which has an orb of white and red attached to the tip. This staff is his weapon, which helps him direct his magical attacks towards his foes.

His eyes are flaming yellow and his hair is long and sleek, coloured in both gold and silver.

Almailor is a brave man. His wisdom is great, but he doesn’t try to show it off to the people around him. He might be wise and powerful, but he’s still humble and kind.

My Plans For The Character:

Almailor, like other gods, won’t be that active in the story. Most gods are only mentioned by other characters and only a few will actually make an appearance, but with Almailor, I’ve planned to make him a more active than the other gods.

He will be a guide to some characters, bringing messages to the mortals and helping them in their fight against the darkness.

I’m not yet sure if he will be more than a supportive side character. Only time will tell.

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