Architect Revolution And Fall Of The Parliament | Jalten Fantasy Short Stories

The sun was beaming upon the land. He could feel how sweat ran on his forehead as the sun burned his face. He took a breath before he turned to the crowd that stood behind him.

“Brothers!” he shouted, “today is the day we end this destructive conflict and push ourselves back to the position we were destined to have!”

The crowd of men screamed his name.

“Elmor! Elmor! Elmor!”

Without even noticing, he pushed his chest forward and straightened his posture. He fixed his tie and brushed his suit, for today, he had to be looking fine, more than fine.

He whistled and began marching forward. The thunder of the marching filled the streets and people ran away into their homes. Drums were playing, giving rhythm for the man and making Elmor’s body even more tensed. This was the day he had been waiting for years.

The capital was home for almost a million people, yet the streets were empty. Elmor knew it wasn’t a good sign. He was preparing to meet the government’s army. He knew there would be death, huge amount of death today, but the main army was already fighting the rebels, thus, if he could only crush this one force, he would be clear and ready to march into the Parliament’s building.

The cobblestone street trembled as if an earthquake had struck it. The men shouted and sang behind him, though Elmor remained silent, for he was going through the plan again and again in his mind. There was no room for an error.

Suddenly, he saw a man running towards him with great speed and clearly in distress. He raised his hand and the entire force stopped. Some even raised their rifles against the approaching man.

“Hold your fire!” he commanded and the man lowered their weapons. He focused his sight on the man, trying to make out his details. As he got closer, he soon realized it to be his friend. “Malk?” he whispered.

Malk finally reached and almost collapsed on the ground. His breath ran fast and sweat had covered his skin.

“They arrived, yes?” Elmor said as he offered his hand to his friend and pulled him up.

“Indeed,” Malk said as he caught his breath, “they have stationed themselves in front of the Parliament building. There are at least two hundred of them.”

“Damnit…” Elmor spat through gritted teeth, “have you heard about any reinforcements?”

Malk nodded, which made Elmor’s heart skip a beat.

“A division of ten thousand men is marching against us,” he spoke as he brushed his dusty clothes, “they will arrive in a day or two.”

Elmor brushed his moustache as he thought.

“We have to push now. The Parliament must fall before that force arrives.”

Malk nodded.

“I’ll run back and alarm our allies.” he suddenly stood back and saluted Elmor. He returned the honour.

As Malk ran away, Elmor commanded the army to move forward, thus, the marching continued.

Fifteen minutes had passed and Elmor could already see the Parliament building. It was a beautiful structure, with huge windows and tall towers guarding it. He almost got distracted by its glory, for he remembered what would wait for him before he could reach it.

They turned the last corner and tension began to build up. Elmor could now see the barricades the city guard had built before the Parliament building. It would make his life that much harder.

As he approached his foes, his breath slowly turned deeper and slower. His mind ran empty and he felt more concentrated than ever before. He took out a picture from the depths of his pocket. It was a picture of a young woman with long sleek black hair and beautiful green eyes. He glanced at the picture, raised it and kissed it gently.

“If I fall today, I’ll return to you, Magrit.”

He then put the picture back into his pocket and pulled out his pistol. The purple power stone glittered at the end of the weapon. That was the source of all its destructive power.

The foe was only a few hundred meters from them, thus, Elmor raised his hand and the force stopped again.

“General!” he called out and an older man with a long beard walked forward.

“Sir?” he said as he saluted to him.

“You know the plan. Break the line and give me the opportunity to sack the building.”

“As you say, sir.”

The general then turned to the soldiers and shouted orders. The drums began beating faster when suddenly, the men screamed like from one mouth, “Death to the traitors!”

Thus, they began marching with haste towards their enemies. Fast jog turned to run as men screamed their battle cries and the drums sounded their attack.

Suddenly, the first shot was fired and dust with a colour of purple was seen ahead.

Fire! the general screamed as soldiers began firing their weapons.

Elmor ran in the front lines, seeing how men collapsed on the ground as shining purple projectiles flew towards him. The smell of burned rock filled the air as the sounds of dying men echoed in his mind.

“Onward, brothers!” he screamed from the top of his lungs as he raised his pistol and took a shot, unsure if he hit his mark.

The enemy was surrounded with a poorly constructed wall and they fired from its cover, though they were still semi-visible. Elmor watched how his men rushed towards the wall, until finally, some got over it.

He rushed with them, climbing over the stone wall and drawing his blade from its sheath. He could barely see anything, for the purple smoke had already filled the space around him. He could hear nothing but the sound of swords clashing, men screaming, and rifles being fired. The sounds were so loud that it ached his ears.

Suddenly, a man dressed in a blue uniform came into view and Elmor charged. He struck his sword against him, but he parried. They exchanged a few more blows. He tried to get through his defence. He switched from left to right, until he got a blow delivered from top. It sank into the man’s neck, killing him almost instantly.

The body collapsed on the ground and Elmor moved forward. He already saw some of his men walking the stairs of the building. The victory was theirs.

“Push, brothers!” he roared, “rush into the building!”

He began climbing the stairs with his sword in his left hand and his pistol in his right. There were at least ten men by his side. He reckoned it was enough.

“Alright, brothers. We rush in and we kill them all. The only one you’ll save is the Supreme Leader, understood?”

The men nodded and saluted to him before they rushed in. Before he too managed to get in, he glanced behind him and saw how more and more of his men got to the stairs. It was clear that the city guard had been defeated.

The open halls of the building were filled with light, for there were many giant skylights. Many stone pillars held the ceiling on its place. Suddenly, a few enemy soldiers peeked from behind those very pillars and opened fire.

A man fell before they did. Elmor ran forward.

“Check on him!” he shouted to another man who rushed to the wounded one’s side.

They pushed open the main doors which led to the room of governance. There, the seats stood, but no one sat on them. He wasn’t surprised.

“Men, rush to the emergency chambers. Kill them all!” he commanded and thus, his men left him, though one remained by his side. “Come on. We must find the Supreme Leader.”

They kept running to a room after room. They were all empty, though he could still see that all the files and other documents were strictly in place. It was clear that the Parliament believed they would be fine. Little did they know that he was stronger than they could have imagined.

Soon, he finally got to the door of the Supreme Leader’s office. He strengthened his grip on his pistol and glanced at the young soldier who stood at his side.

The man walked to the door before kicking it open with force. Immediately, shots were fired and the man received a hit on his shoulder.

“Damnit!” Elmor shouted as he pulled the man to cover. “How many?”

The man whimpered as he tried to answer. “Two… behind the desk…”

He didn’t want to leave this man here, but he knew he had to be fast. He quickly pulled the man into a seated position and instructed him to cover the wound with his hand.

Elmor took a deep breath before he quickly peeked into the room and fired. One of them fell, but the other got a hit into him. He roared in pain, but ran into the room and hid behind another desk. His heart was beating rapidly and cold sweat ran on his forehead. His hands were trembling as he studied the wound he had received in his leg.

“Fuck…” he cursed through his teeth as he caught his breath.

He then peeked from his covered and fired, taking out the last guard.

He stood up, cursing the pain in his leg before he ran to the other room where the Supreme Leader should be stationed.

He quickly pushed open the last pair of doors and got to the main office, which was a huge room with countless windows and bookshelves. On the other side of the room, a man was looking out of the window with his hands behind his back.

“So, this is how you repay my loyalty, friend?”

Elmor stepped forward, his pistol still in his hand.

“I only did what I knew had to be done. I thought you knew what it meant.”

Even when he was in the highest room in the building, he could still hear gunfire from outside, though it didn’t sound like a battle anymore.

“My fathers led us here, Elmor. My fathers were the ones who built us ships so we could sail and live here in peace. It was my fathers, not yours,” the man said as he turned to face Elmor. He was an old man with glassy eyes and short grey hair and a beard.

“Your fathers were traitors from the beginning and your family has not been able to end this conflict, not even when you have been given all the power and all the right you could ever desire.”

The man sneered.

“That power is not only mine. It’s owned by this very Parliament. I’ve never even tasted the power you’ve come here to take.”

Elmor raised his pistol and the man looked at him with disgust.

“If there are gods in this world, Elmor–then you’ll never see them in light.”

Elmor placed his finger on the trigger.

“If there are gods in this world, they will see my righteous act.”

He fired and the purple smoke covered his view.

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