Inspiration For Creating Characters: Using Pinterest

Characters are, unsurprisingly, the key to a good story. Without fleshed-out characters the audience can root for, your story may just fall on its face, and that’s not good.

There are many ways of creating characters and today, I’m not going to talk about that in particular.

Today, I want to share a source of inspiration which has helped me a ton when creating characters.

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The way I looked for inspiration was very simple:

I go out on google and typed what I wanted to find.

“Knight, fantasy character, fantasy castle.”

Those were the words I used to search for the things I wanted to see and I did this for years until I discovered a better way.

Pinterest is in my opinion the best place to look for inspiration.

You can basically narrow your search so well that you will find whatever you are looking for.

For example, for my current book, I had an idea for a character which was the following:

An old Chinese looking man in white cloaks.

That was the following outlook I wanted for this character and thus, I went on Pinterest and searched for “Fantasy Old Wizard Cloaked.”

And thus, I was presented with thousands of results. I found beautiful illustrations that matched my vision completely. Even when I was scrolling the page, I kept finding more and more inspiring illustrations that set my imagination on fire.

The good thing is that you can basically just pin these pictures on your own boards, thus, saving them for later and allowing you to make sure you don’t miss your golden ideas.

Sometimes, I like to go on Pinterest just to be inspired.

I’m not looking for anything specific. Just scrolling and saving those pictures that I liked.

I kind of start making backstories for all the characters I find on Pinterest, which makes me feel more and more inspired as time goes on.

The good thing is also that Pinterest shows you more of the same type of drawings, thus, if you look for a “dark armoured knight” and find the kind of character you like, Pinterest will take that style and show you more of it.

This is why I think it’s so much better than Google images. The fact that you get more and more specific pictures which fit your vision is so helpful and makes it so much easier to find what you truly want.

This is why I think Pinterest is the best source to find inspiration for characters.

If you want to get some quick inspiration, be sure to follow me on Pinterest, for I have a few boards, filled with inspiring illustrations!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post and find the inspiration you need for your characters!

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But until next time, have a blessed and inspired day!

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