Jalten Character Profile: Elmor Tech, Supreme Leader Of The Architects

I haven’t done one of these in a long long time. I really can’t even remember when I wrote about something related to Jalten, but here it is, my newest character profile!

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Short Backstory:

Elmor Tech, or supreme leader Tech as he’s called by his people, is the leader of the Architect Federation. He was born during the start of the Architect civil war, which weakened the country as a whole, thus, taking them out from global politics.

Elmor is a member of the Tech family, which has been a powerful family since the creation of the Architect Federation. Unfortunately for him, he was in the wing of the family which wasn’t that rich or powerful, but even with all the odds against him, Elmor pushed through the political ranks of the Federation, until he started gaining a lot of power.

Since he got interested in politics, Elmor always imagined what his country could become. He had a keen interest in history, especially the fights between his people and Valnorians, whom he hated. He was frustrated at the fact that his country was being split apart because of the civil war and he wanted to end it as soon as possible, in order to focus on the upcoming wars against Valnorians.

For many years, Elmor played the long game, keeping his ambitions hidden, while gaining democratic support among his people. He rose the political ranks until he was one of the electors of the Federation.

At first, he tried to push the Supreme Leader to crush the rebels with brutality, but his ideas gained no support. It didn’t take him long to muster a force of two thousand soldiers, who marched into the House of the Federation, killing the other electors and the Supreme Leader himself, but only after he forced him to sign a pact which made him the next Supreme Leader.

After his rise to power, Elmor has crushed the rebels with brutal force, using the newest technology to bomb his foes, thus, securing his position and allowing him to start focusing elsewhere.

Elmor has made political moves in the mainland. He’s made allies and threatened Valnorians with his fleet, though he has kept himself from starting a war, knowing he’s still not ready to do so.

He also has two children, a daughter named Annah and a son named Ryan.


this image served as inspiration when I created Elmor

Elmor is a coldhearted man. He may be cruel and unwavering with his will, but he’s far from being a fool.

He knows the political games of the Federation and seems to be one step ahead of his opponents at all times.

His ultimate motivation is not to seek power to himself, but to secure the future of his people and his country. He seeks greatness to his country as a whole and wants to see the power of the Architects re-established in the world

Elmor is an elder man, over sixty in years. He has a bushy moustache over his lip and his hair is cleanly cut, though grey in some parts.

He wears grey suits with a green tie. He’s also forced to sit in a wheelchair because of his illnesses, which he tries to hide.

My Plans For The Character:

Elmor and Architects as a whole are something I’ve planned to introduce later on in the series. They’re a foreign power, thus, I want to create a mist of mystery around them.

Elmor will be a great antagonist to Valnorian heroes and I think I can make him an interesting and colourful villain.

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