The One Who Consumes

John was his name since he was born into this world. He had been gifted with glittering blue eyes and a loving smile, not to forget his long and sleek brown hair. Since his childhood, he had been a kind man, a passionate man. He had composed scores for vast orchestras and played numerous instruments in beautiful places. Yet, with all these experiences, his hair had slowly turned grey.

He was around seventeen when he met her. A beautiful woman with shining and deep eyes, gentle smile, wonderful body, and a voice which listened. He had fallen for her and his love for her was more real than reality itself, but even with such truth and passion, she had left a year after in a search for another man.

“You’re not strong enough,” she had told him while he trembled on his knees, begging her to explain the meaning behind her words… to no avail.

Nineteen he was when he was first introduced to a group of people he was comfortable calling “friends.” He had been more than happy because of his new friends, though he was still doubtful. Even before the woman he loved, he had never been a social man, nor was he a man of a loud voice. But this group had made him feel important and appreciated. He even managed to find new love from this group, which he carefully accepted.

But it didn’t last forever. By the time he turned twenty, the group had turned its back to him and with them left his love, once again. He was alone again, wondering what was so wrong with him. He couldn’t find an answer, but what he did know was the hate he felt towards those who wronged him.

He wandered in a cold and dead land, where light didn’t shine. There were no trees, nor was there grass on the ground. No raindrops fell from the sky, for only ash came from the high. The ground was white as a burned coal and dry as a desert. Vast spikes rose high here and there as grey mist surrounded him. The air was freezing yet empty. He was afraid.

“Who goes there,” a twisted voice suddenly called out.

“John,” he responded, straightening his posture and trying to control the shivering of his body.

“John…” the voice said, “and what does John want from me?”

John remained silent for a while. His greatest fears ran through his mind as memories flooded his thoughts. Think about what you’re giving up, he thought. Absolutely nothing, another voice responded.

“I want power.”

Suddenly, the mist around him thickened as the grounds below began to tremble. He was at the brink of running away, yet kept cool and remained where he stood, unafraid.

Slowly, a dark mist began appearing before him, slowly forming a figure. After a moment, a skeleton dressed in a black suit stood before him. Smoke came from his claws and dark mist from his two great horns that originated from his skeletal forehead. He was a terrifying sight to behold.

“Power shall you have then,” the figure responded before suddenly grabbing John’s hands.

A wave of horrifying pain ran through his body as his sight turned grey. Suddenly, he couldn’t feel his body anymore. The dark mist around them rushed into his eyes, surrounding every piece of him in the process.

“Now, I own you,” Hatred laughed.

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