“And The Light Shall Shine Upon You, Once Again.”

Greetings, my dear readers and friends! I have some good news for you!

I’ve successfully moved to a new home, to a new creative studio and I love it! This new home of mine is perfect for me and I still can’t really believe I got this place in the first place!

I stressed about moving for months actually and this, of course, impacted my creative mind. I wasn’t able to write my book, nor was I able to write as many posts as I wanted to. But now when the dust has settled, I can continue doing what I love: writing.

I have some great plans for this blog as well as my Youtube channel. I will write more often now that I actually have a stabilized my stress levels. I’ll make some great changes to my blog which allows me to put even more time and effort into my posts. I’m sure you’ll like those things!

Also, I’ve returned to work on my book! I’ve procrastinated about it for almost three months now and it feels so good to make progress again. I just finished chapter two and I’m moving to chapter three later today. Feels good.

If you’d like to become a beta reader of my new book, send me an email! The first few will receive the book for absolutely free!

So, some great things are going on and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Thanks for all the reads and comments. They really mean the world to me.

Have a blessed day, my dear readers and writer friends!

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