The Eternal Duel

A man walked among the stars and streams of pure light. He was dressed in white silk robes and wore a vast bamboo hat upon his head, it too shining in golden light. His feet were bare, but his skin was made of white and golden light, shining like a bright star. He had a long beard, which flowed in the wind. In his hand, he had a long staff, made of beautiful wood and crystals.

He walked among the stars, wandering, seemingly lost in the eternity, but in truth, he knew exactly where he was going. He always knew his destination.

He will soon arrive… I can feel his arriving presence, he thought as he walked forward.

Time passed and he was able to see a piece of land in the distance. It was covered by vast forests and rivers, and it rested on the strong pillars of stars. There was a beautiful star in the distance as well, shining brightly in the cold and empty darkness.

He travelled to the land and rested his feet on the smooth grass. A calm smile grew on his face as he gazed around him, admiring the beauty of the land. He could still feel the astral winds on his face and beard, but it was far calmer here than in the open.

“I wondered if you’d be here in time,” a twisted and gravelly voice spoke from somewhere out of his view.

“I thought you would have learned that I’m always here, just in time,” Lancelot answered as he knocked the earth with staff, sending out of golden light around him. “Are you afraid to face me, old friend?”

The dark voice chuckled as the sound of moving sand grew in strength.

“Of course not,” the voice responded as dark smoke and sand began to rise from the earth itself, gathering in front of Lancelot, forming a figure. The figure became a man, dressed in a dark suit. His face was a distorted mix of black smoke and bubbly material. His hands were made of black sand, moving in the wind.

The man greeted Lancelot, bowing to him slightly.

“You know, I am truly happy to see you again, Taryn,” Lancelot said, bowing back to him.

Taryn chuckled and stared at Lancelot’s face.

“Another duel? Another battle? Who are they?” he asked.

“They’re young, less than twenty, but I can already see that their hearts are truly pure.”

“Excellent,” Taryn responded as the smoke of his head began to grow thicker and stronger. “You’ve lost countless times recently. Oh, when will you end your streak of losing?” he said, mocking Lancelot.

Lancelot took a deep breath, not caring about Taryn’s hostilities.

“It is hard to find pure souls these days, you know it too,” he said, “but this time, you’ll have to lose, my friend.”

Taryn stared at him in silence. Lancelot could feel the conflict within him as he looked at him.

“We shall see, friend,” Taryn said, breaking the silence.

After those words, Taryn began to vanish, his body turning to black sand as he took flight in the wind. Lancelot remained there, staring as his eternal opponent vanished, knowing fairly well that their battle would begin soon.

Though there was worry in his mind, he remained calm and clear with his emotions. He too left the land behind, once again walking among the stars, waiting for the hour to be right.

Soon, it would be and he was prepared.

This short story is part of the book I’m currently writing. I’m at the beginning stages of writing the book, but I’m making good progress. If you’d be interested in beta reading, send me an email and I’ll add you to my list. Every beta reader will receive a chapter to review once a month!

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2 thoughts on “The Eternal Duel

  1. Cheers! I usually write a few short stories about the book idea I have in order to see if it has wings. I think this has something to offer and I can’t wait to write the actual book.
    The funny thing is that I was able to connect this new book to my earlier publication, The Battle of the Broken mind.
    Writing is so wonderful!


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