Two Lost Souls

Two lost souls wander the land. Snow falls onto the ground, painting it black from destroyed hopes and dreams. As people walk by, their faces don’t even flinch. No hint of a smile can be found. Darkness has won.

Two lost souls wander the land, bleeding from their hearts. Trail of blood follows them wherever they decide to go. The storm gets stronger. They cannot hide, not even inside. People show them nothing but hatred. Their eyes burn with disgust as they walk by. Their minds are battlefields of emotions. “Not today,” they say at the end of the day.

Two lost souls wander the land. Their lives being like a nightmare come true. Their steps are battles in themselves, until they finally reach the cover of their home, though not even home can shield them from themselves.

Two lost souls wander the land. Waiting to fall asleep, for, in their sleep, they can see light. Their dreams carry them away from the grey snow of reality, offering them a taste of what they truly desired. But at the end of every fulfilment, comes tragedy, for it was all just a dream.

Two lost souls wander the land. Though this time they feel something different. A bond, a connection is pulling their hearts, forcing them to move. Their dreams turn more frequent and brighter. Something has changed.

Two lost souls wander the dreams. Until they see another. Burning emotions strikes their hearts and the pull gets stronger. “Is this it?” they wonder in their heads. A man, made of light, nods.

Two lost souls wander the land. One of them is sick and dying. The other travels, with tears in his eyes. He wants to find her. He has to find her. A man, made of darkness, mocks him.

Two lost souls wander the land. They finally found each other. Tears become rivers as their hears beat stronger than ever before. The bond between them completes and the greyness around them fades into beautiful and bright colours.

Two fulfilled souls wander the land. Finally complete and happy. The world has turned bright. Darkness has faded. The light has come, as has love.

This short story/poem is inspired by an idea I had a year ago. When I got this idea for a story, I was working in Helsinki Vantaa, the capital area of Finland. Back then, I was not that happy. I was depressed and had very little positivity in my life. But even with all that darkness, I wrote my first book, The Battle of the Broken Mind.

After its completion, I got a new idea about two people who have suffered immensely in their lives. Darkness has taken control. But suddenly, once they sleep, they meet each other, unaware of it being anything true, but as time passes by, they realize this connection and desire to meet in real life.

But at that moment, a mystical being reveals himself and challenges them. The being taunts them for their “untruthful love,” and curses the other, sending her into a deep come-like state, where she will slowly die.

The other is then forced to find her, all by himself. Time is precious, for if he doesn’t make it in time, the girl will die.

That’s the basic idea I got and I recently came across this again. I think it’s an intriguing idea for a story and I’m trying to make up my mind about writing it or not.

What do you think?

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