Aleirn And Faiths of Jalten

Since Jatensa struck the first blow with his mighty hammer, life has existed in the universe.
It began with stars, symbols of his love and warmth and as time went on, he forged entire worlds, but not before constructing the Pilar of Asain, meaning Pillar of Sky. This was his divine throne room, where he gazed upon the worlds he had created. Whenever he sat on his throne, he could see everything at once, making sure he’d hear and see everything.

After the creation, he forged a being, similar to him. After forging the being’s body, he sang a song as he drained a piece of his own energy and whistled it into the body, turning it alive. This being would later be known as Sylthor, the one who shattered the Asain’s light and built his own seat at the other end of the universe.

Later on, Jatensa forged his beloved daughter, Sheilan. He blessed her with the ability to control the stars and bring light to the darkness. He, later on, created a mighty sun to show his love for her.

Years went on and Jatensa forged more beings. He created more Aleirn, gods who could wander the universe and forge their own creations and protect the work of their creator. The number of his creations were numerous and they all sat in his throne room with him. He loved them all, but unknown to them, he had grown weaker, for he knew that every creation needed to be given a piece of his power in order to make it alive. If he would not do this, the being would be a statue, who’d follow his orders to the letter. He wanted free beings, beings capable of forming thoughts and personalities and he had achieved this.

Years past and the creation of Jalten was finished. Jalten, the mighty land of Charitar was finally formed and became the strongest land of all existence. The Charitar worshipped Jatensa as a divine father, but later on, after the divine wars and the terror Sylthor brought upon the land, more beings and gods arrived in the land.

Amtor and Sheilan, the two divine lovers had created the race of men, powerful, insightful, and blessed beings who fought against the darkness. For their efforts, Amtor and Sheilan promised that every single man and woman who followed their laws and orders, would not simply return to nothingness they arrived from, but join the eternity and see the lights of Asain. This was the first religion of humanity.

Later on, other Aleirn joined the world, seeing it’s corrupt nature and desire to help its people.

Some of these Aleirn are Nealar, the white owl and the goddess of wisdom, Nalron, the god of fire, Mykfor, the lord of the Jaultar, Jenlar, the queen of the woods, and Masvol, the Hand of Justice.

These Gods all served Jatensa, but their appearance created new religions. Many mortals who came across these gods began worshipping them and writing about their teachings. This, in turn, shattered the religious unity of men and created conflict in the world, for as the years passed, it became clear that not all Aleirn were fighting for the light.

New groups and orders were created. Alliances were made. Different religious orders marched to war against others and built their own lands in the name of their true god. As this was happening, Valnorians, the people who still faithfully followed Amtor and Sheilan, prayed for them to return and help them in the time of need, but got no answer.

This is not to say that all Aleirn wished to create their religions. Some were simply trying to assist their brothers and sisters, for they knew what was going on and knew that Amtor and Sheilan were badly wounded. Aleirn such as Nealar and Jenlar are sisters of Sheilan and desire only to save the race she created.

But where it is good, there is evil.

Sylthor had also sent more of his servants onto Jalten and even corrupted some of the Aleirn. Beings like Nalron fell into a rage after realizing that Sheilan could never love him. Sylthor used this to control Nalron until he fell into madness.

Others, such as Masvol were almost corrupted, but their valour was too strong. Masvol didn’t turn mad, but he did lose a piece of his faith, leading to him becoming a merciless god of justice.

These are the Aleirn and religions that control the world and it’s up to mankind to decide the true path and ascend into the righteousness they once had.

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