Finding Your Voice And Building Your Artistic Confidence (video)

Come, take a walk with me in the beautiful land of Lapland. Today’ I’m going to talk about finding your artistic voice and being confident about yourself. Social media has a great effect on us creators and though it can offer great opportunities, sometimes the negative sides can outnumber the positives.

It’s easy to copy other writers and follow the mass. It’s natural, for if we see something that works, we are sure to try to replicate that. The problem is, we all have our own special voice and if we drown it by becoming copycats, we are doing ourselves a great disservice.

This video also serves as the opening video for my channel. My plan is to take walks in nature and talk about different storytelling subjects, writing in general, and philosophy.

Join my journey and see the beauty of Finland as we proceed to become the best creators we can be!

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