I’m Quiting Social Media And This Is Why…

Social media is said to be a wonderful opportunity for artists and other creative people to spread their arts and reach new readers with ease. 

Social media is said to be a vital part of modern marketing and keep hearing the phrase, “If you’re not on social media, you’re losing a lot!

But today, I want to tell you about my experiences on social media.

Though I’m in the age group who primarily uses social media, I’ve never gotten the hang of it. I never understood the importance or meaning of posting story updates on Instagram about every single life event that happened to you. I never understood the ways one could build up an audience on social media, but trust me, I still tried, for years on end.

But no more.

I’m not naturally a loud person. I give people time to speak their minds and I believe that they will do the same for me. But in the world of social media, it doesn’t work that way. The people who are the loudest gain the attention and the more silent people, like myself, are left behind into the unknown fields.

It’s really sad when you think about it. I’ve seen many great writers and artists struggle to gain an audience just because they’re not shouting at everyone to follow them etc. It feels unjust, but what can you do, this is the modern-day after all.

The other thing about social media is that I never liked it. 

I’m a writer. My passion is writing short stories, creating fantasy worlds, and writing poetry. I don’t like tweeting about my every thought, nor do I like posting a meaningless post about something I don’t like on Instagram.

These posts and stressing about them takes my time away from actual writing and it’s incredibly annoying. Instead of writing my book, I have to post on Instagram in order to build an audience so that my book would have readers.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. I can’t keep on pretending to be someone I’m not.

I’m not an Instagram star or a Twitter politician…

I’m a writer, I’m a storyteller, I’m a poet, and I’m a blogger.

And from this day on, I will focus on writing this blog and my book. I will no longer stress about my social media growth, for I’m going to leave it entirely, no matter how many potential customers I might lose.

I might come off as oldfashioned, but hey, I like it and just because of my age doesn’t force me to be a slave to this mainstream media.

Since I started writing, I always had that sense of internal motivation. I wrote because I loved writing. I wrote because I wanted to create memorable and meaningful characters, beautiful worlds, and stories that would give other people the experience I got from Tolkien and Martin.

With social media, it was always external motivation. I never liked doing it just for the sake of doing it. I only did it because of the sense of requirement in this modern time.

So, now I’m asking you, my dear reader, are you trapped into this kind of vicious cycle? Do you feel like you’re forced to use social media just to get readers and make a career for yourself?

Trust me, there are ways to gain readers without destroying your mental health and your writing schedule.

I don’t think normal people need something like social media. I think it’s a curse upon society, for it makes us passive. We stare and follow someone else’s lives, stress about other people liking us, and falling into that pitfall of anxiously posting things we believe people would like.

We forget ourselves and what we want. We turn into a piece of the machinery, which in turn destroys our creative voice and productivity.

Thus, I’m leaving and I urge you to think about the reasons you use social media and if it’s truly worthy of your time.

And because I’m leaving social media, I’m turning to alternative sources of reaching an audience, aka you, my dear reader.

I’ve created an email list and I wish you’d join it! I post monthly newsletters about my current writing progress, a few thoughts I got during the month about writing, and special bonuses just for you!

You can join my mailing list here

I hope that with this new way of reaching you, I could actually keep writing quality blog posts and make progress on my book! I want an authentic way of talking to you, not just meaningless tweets. I don’t want to have empty followers. I want true readers, I want to talk to you like people and I think I can achieve that with my emailing list!

I’ll see you soon in the next post and I hope you’ll have a wonderful day!

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