The First Stone Of Valnoria. Jalten Short Stories #15

After Akretsu was defeated in the far north, Valnor returned to the east with his people. His soul was pure and blessed by the divine elements of the Gods, promising him the rightful place on the throne.

But Valnor never talked like a king. He never spoke to his people as if he was higher than they. He was humble, thriving to help his people to open their eyes to the gift of existence. And this was the way he ruled till the end of his days.

After many conflicts, Valnor finally arrived at the shores of Valnoria, to the place where his people were forged into being by the Gods. There he saw the hills and lands he deemed worthy of becoming their home, thus, he began building.

The first human city to exist was built at the shores of the Bay of Kings, the place where the Gods landed hundreds of years ago. Before anything else, they built the temple of blessings, the first temple dedicated to the Gods themselves. There they would pray and chant for power and strength to keep building their home.

Later on, they built the Two Peaks of Light, the two mighty towers in tribute to the Gods Amtor and Shinara. As time went by, the city got larger and larger, the castle was built and walls around the city were formed until the city was finished.

Valnor was an old man at this time, rarely walking out from his chambers, for his body had grown so weak, but his soul was more than fulfilled at the sight of his people’s happiness. He had led them to victory, but it had cost them horrors they couldn’t even understand.

But now, they lived in peace, surrounded by beautiful nature and the sea, where the whispers of the Gods could be heard.

But Valnor’s life wasn’t peaceful to the end.

Shortly after the city’s completion, Yrtuk returned to the capital. Surrounded by other lords and knigts, he proclaimed himself as the rightful king of Valnoria and challenged any who’d oppose him.

Valnor, despite his old age and weakened body, walked forth to confront his old friend, whom he now saw for what he was. His heart was broken for he had saved the man who now walked into his city with hatred in his heart.

Valnor attempted to calm down the situation, seeing the possibility of a civil war, but his son wasn’t as strong with his patience. The prince called Yrtuk and all the lords traitors and raised the banners to fight against them, thus, the civil was that lasted for five years began.

In the end, the rebels were defeated and brought before Valnor. Yrtuk, still filled with hate, was kept in chains as Valnor judged him. The people around him, including his son, wanted the rebels dead, but Valnor refused to spill any more blood in his lands.

Thus, Yrtuk and the lords that had committed the most atrocities were exiled forever, though the lords that have surrendered fairly early on were pardoned for the sake of building peace.

And though Valnoria survived the conflict, this rebellion planted the seed for hatreds that would escalate after thousands of years of waiting.

Shortly after the war was ended, Valnor passed away and the kingdom grieved. Humanity was still young people, only been alive for under two hundred years. Now that the man who was seen as the avatar of Gods had passed away, people felt lost.

But luckily, Valnor’s son, King Jalnov, took the throne with intentions to keep his father’s legacy alive and keep all the things he held dear alive in the kingdom. And under his rule, the kingdom lived peacefully for years on end, until slowly, the light of the Gods began to fade and the ancient battles fell into lost memories…

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