The Mindset For Productivity

Writing requires a lot of work, especially if you’re writing a book. It’s a huge task which can take a long time to finish.

But that long time will grow ever longer if you have the wrong mindset.

I’d say the aspects of the Golden Mindset are, Goals and sticking to them, silencing self-defeating voices, and keeping your mind bright.

So, let’s start with the first aspect.

Having goals is vital for being successful in basically anything, but when it comes to writing, it’s even more important.

You should have a word goal for each day, week, or month. It doesn’t really matter how big the goal is, for as long as you have one, you’re on your way to success.

Let’s say your book has around 80k words.

By looking at that 80k word count, it can seem impossible to reach. This is why word goals are important, for they keep you on track and give you that sense of success and progress.

If your goal is to write a thousand words a day, you already know how many days it will take to finish your first draft.

This gives you direction and structure to your writing life. You’re no longer aimlessly wandering around, writing once a month. You’re consistently writing the amount you set in stone, thus, you’ll reach your goal.

But just having that goal won’t do it. You naturally have to stick to it.

If you skip a day, it turns very easy to skip another. This cycle continues until you realize you haven’t written in a month.

This is why I suggest you to not skip days. If you want to have a day without writing, write an extra 1k words the previous day, thus, you will still be on track, but you can also have a day to rest.

Of course, I don’t suggest you write till you’re burned out, but just stick to your schedule, for it’s the only way to reach your goals and move forward on your writing career.

Calling yourself a writer, but not writing is a paradox on itself

Silencing self-defeating voices are also important for a number of reasons.

If you try creating something new and unique while your head keeps telling you how much it sucks, you won’t give it your all, even if you wouldn’t realize it.

Self-defeating thoughts can be cunning and silent, showing themselves carefully, but with great destructive effect. These thoughts can make your idea look terrible and show you all the things that might go wrong.

This constant source of negativity can hinder your progress, or worst of all can make you give up entirely.

Thus, it’s important to silence them as early as possible.

So, how do you do that exactly?

I usually shut down my critical thinking while writing. I won’t allow myself to critique my writing because I know I’d start doubting myself and the nature of my book. Save your inner critic to the editing process, but don’t bring it on during your writing.

Another thing I usually do is doing daily positive affirmations.

Affirmations like “I’m skilled and talented,” or “My story will connect with millions of people,” can uplift your mind in a way that frees yourself from the negative chains.

These kinds of affirmations are not magic, but if you keep doing them on a regular basis, you will notice the effect.

If you’d like, you can check out my article about affirmations here: Positive Affirmations For Writers

The most important thing is to uplift your spirit and make you believe in yourself and your work. We all have doubts and fears, it’s completely natural, but we still have to control our doubts and make sure they don’t control us, for if they do, we might never reach our dreams and our full potential.

These aspects can help you with keeping your mind bright and more positive.

We all have struggles and we might feel like we’re not really doing progress, but by having a schedule we meet daily and chanting positive thoughts into our minds, we will see that progress more clearly.

Success doesn’t come overnight, nor does it come after one article. The key is to keep going even when you feel there’s no hope, for it’s only then when success shows itself to you.

It’s also vital to remember that you’re not alone with your doubts. I too am struggling with fears and feelings of stillness. On daily basis, I might feel like I’m not moving forward, but by forcing myself to turn away from the negative, I start seeing how much I’ve actually accomplished and how much I’ve actually gone forward.

Keep improving yourself, stick to your schedules, don’t allow yourself to be dragged into negativity and you’ll soon eat the fruit of your labour. It’s just behind the corner. Have faith in yourself and your wings will take flight!

This concludes today’s post and I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful and inspiring! I wish you an inspired day!

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