A Call For Aid And Reading

Greetings, my dear reader!

I have some things going on at the moment, some more stressful than others, but basically, I’m starting a new book!

I’ve been working on my fantasy project for years now and I still feel like I need to do some more worldbuilding to actually tell my story in an interesting way. Thus, I’ve taken it on me to write and publish a new book!

But in order for me to get writing that book, I have to ask for your help.

I ask you to follow me on my social media and especially on Medium.

By reading my articles on Medium, you’re giving me the chance to focus more on writing more articles and the book.

And by following me on social media, you can find more of my content as well as updates and behind the scene posts about my writing process.

My socials:




I’ll be posting more information about the book in the following weeks and I’m very excited about it! I’m sure you will enjoy the story as well!

Again, thank you for reading my articles and commenting on them! You really make it all worthwhile and help me push forward and improve myself!

Have a nice day and hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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