Positive Affirmations For Writers

We, creative people, have doubts and fears, after all, we’re just humans too.

But what differentiates our fears from the ones people without creative endeavours suffer, is the risen feeling of embarrassment and vulnerability.
We put our hearts and souls into our work. We create worlds, we write stories about ourselves and others, we write with our hearts, not just the ink we have on our desks.

But when that dark moment comes, how can you keep yourself on the right path and push back the self-doubt and fear?

Well, I’m going to share a few affirmations I use almost every day and hopefully, they’ll help you as well!


We might compare our writings with others, which in itself is not bad, but when we start seeing our own work as inferior that’s when it starts affecting our health and our will to work.

On many occasions, I’ve read Game of Thrones, which are brilliant books, but when I read them, I keep noticing the things the author does and I keep comparing myself to his writing.

After I put the book down, I feel like I have zero skill in writing and that all the writings I’ve done are nothing but chaotic pieces of garbage.

But I don’t think into count all the other things. George Martin has a different style and voice, and I have my own style and voice.

So, whenever you feel unconfident about your work, try saying this out loud:

I’m a skilled and talented writer

My stories will reach peoples’ hearts and have a positive impact on their lives

My writings are wonderful pieces of art

My voice is brilliant

My style is unique and gorgeous

I am a great writer

And I will reach my own readers

I suggest you write that down and put in somewhere, where you can see it many times a day. The important part is to keep repeating this every single day until it is forged so well into your mind that you can’t even think you’d be a talentless writer.


We might reach a point where we just can’t push through a certain point in our story. Writer’s block might get control over us and make us desperate and in the worst-case scenario, we might give up.

Writer’s block can easily make us feel like we’re unskilled in writing. We might think it’s something that happens only to us in particular, which can make us lose our drive to write.

But always remember, writer’s block happens to everyone, even Tolkien and Martin suffered from it so don’t punish yourself if you’re currently fighting against it.

Here are some affirmations for you to get inspired:

I’m inspired and creative person

I have astonishing ideas, brewing in my head

I always know what to say and what to write

I know how to bring my story to the end

I’m calm and happy about my writing

Once again, write that down as many times as you need and get inspired!

Affirmations are a great way to program your mind to think more positively. The impact is enormous and I can tell from personal experience that if you keep saying these every day, you will notice the difference in your mindset.

Of course, these are not spells that will instantly change everything. They need time to work and the goal is to build a great and positive foundation for you to work on.

Don’t give up on yourself or the work you’re doing. We all go through hard times, but always remember,

You lose only if you stop the pen for good.

Have a wonderful and inspiring day, my fellow writers. Have faith in yourself and remember that you’re never truly alone!


I apologize for not writing in a few days. I have my finals coming up so I’ve been pretty occupied on reading philosophy and stuff, but now I’m back again! Thank you so much for all your support and interest in my writing. It really means a lot to me!

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