If You’re Feeling Like An Outcast, Read This!

Do you feel sad, depressed, lonely?

Do you feel like you don’t fit in with the rest of your peers or the people of your age?

Do you feel like you’re just too different to even live in society?

Well, don’t build a cavern in the desert just yet, for I have some things to tell you, dear reader.

I’ve felt like an outcast my entire life.

I’ve been bullied my entire school career, which has greatly affected my confidence and view on life.

I’m sure you know someone or have been the target of bullying. You know the scars it creates and the pain it can afflict upon you years after.

I know the burden and the misery you have felt. I still fight against that feeling today.

But here’s a new thing I want to share with you:

Being bullied may have been blessing I never expected

What could I mean with that?

Well, because I have been bullied, I’ve naturally retreated into my shell and taken a lot of time for myself. I’ve thought about my life for hours on end, I’ve thought about who I truly am, I’ve thought about what I want to do with life and so on.

Because I was bullied and rejected by the masses and friend groups, I spent more time with myself. It was the pain I had felt that led me to express it by writing poetry. I composed music and wrote stories about the things I had experienced.

Until finally, I realized that my destiny was to become an author, and so I did.

I do not believe I would be in this position if I would have been spared from bullying. I think that rejection from the “mass culture” was the thing that allowed me to find myself and realized what I truly wanted.

This might feel weird, especially if your scars are still bleeding, but hear me out.

People who bully are not doing well with themselves. They might see you as a threat to their power, or as a reminder of what they would want to be.

On many occasions, I had people bullying me simply because I was who I was. I didn’t wear a mask or played along in order to fit in. I never fit in. I always was who I was. I didn’t bow to the group leaders, begging them to let me in.

You’ve been bullied, thrown out from the social circles, rejected. I know it hurts. I know it, maybe too well, but there’s a hidden blessing in this pain.
While others are controlled by the mass media, the newest trends and other soulless things, you are discovering your true self.

While others wear masks in order to fit in with the group, you walk without a mask, revealing who you truly are.

While others regret their decisions years afterwards and wonder who they truly are, you’ve already followed your dreams and fulfilled your destiny.

This is the hidden blessing.

This is the thing I want you to remember if you’ve been bullied.

Of course, I still never wish someone to be bullied. It’s a terrible thing and some people might be more fragile than you and me. I believe we must do whatever we can in order to stop it once and for all.

This message is for those who have already suffered from bullying. To give hope and confidence to those people.

This is what I believe, see, and feel.

By being alone, I found myself, while others still wear their masks.

May your day be blessed and hopefully, I was able to bring some light into your day!

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3 thoughts on “If You’re Feeling Like An Outcast, Read This!

  1. It was so true! I read it twice for I couldn’t help it. I had tried to be myself once when I was a little kid, but no one likes to be called a freak, and be bullied, perhaps that’s why throughout my entire school life, I had to hide under a mask. Now at college I’m still afraid of being myself, for I know many people won’t really understand, but somehow this made me to start my blog, so that atleast I could reach out to those who feel the same, and tell them that they are not alone. Also fantasy, is sometimes viewed as unrealistic or obsolete, but if something gives me some happiness and freedom, even for a few moments of time, then what’s the problem in that.
    Really liked this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad that you liked it and found it intriguing.
    Indeed it’s hard to be your true self, especially if the environment around you is negative. Writing can help to express your true self, as well as ease your own burden, which is a great thing. I’ve actually made a post about the positive effects of fantasy.
    By writing a blog, you can gather a beautiful community around your subject, which I think is a good thing, since you’ll see that the bullies are not in the right.

    Have a blessed day!
    P.B. Lindberg


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