Write A Letter. You’ll Be Surprised About The Effects!

How many letters did you write last year? Two years ago? Five years ago?

Because of social media and email, writing a physical letter might seem like a foolish thing to do.

Why spent time and money on a letter, when you can say what you want to say instantly over a text?

Well, there are many benefits, which might surprise you!

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “writing things down helps you to remember it and makes the message more valuable.”

I think that’s true.

When we write with a pen, we’re using more time with the actual message. Our brains will remember the things we write better, which is a scientific fact, and the things we say can carry more meaning by doing it by hand.

Handwritten notes and cards may carry more weight with their recipients than their electronic counterparts, but research shows they make us feel good, too. — The New York Times

I’m kind of a romantic person. I value things that most have already forgotten about.

Things like letters, old fashion, writing with ink… I’m just in love with these things.

Thus, I see letters as packages of emotions. Think about it. You’re literally spending a long time, maybe even hours writing a letter. You write it with your own hands onto a real piece of paper. As you write, you have much more time to think about what you’re actually saying and what you want to say.

And when you close your letter and drop it into the mailbox, you feel like you actually did something unordinary and valuable.

I believe we can express ourselves better with a letter. Sending a text is so easy and quick that it really doesn’t require thought.

We can just say things like, “lol, xd, ikr,” and that’s it. That’s the conversation. There’s no elegancy, no intimacy, no emotion.

But when you draw those characters and form sentences, something magical happens. It’s like pouring yourself onto the paper.

So, how does it feel to actually receive a letter?

It’s wonderful.

The feeling that someone cares about you so much that they wanted to tell their message in this way just fills you with such delight and happiness that it’s really hard to even describe.

Everything could be said via a text, yet someone chose the slower way.
It’s kind of like drinking a good vine. You don’t just flush it down your throat because the whole point would be gone. You slowly sip the wine and taste the different flavours. You smell the different smells etc.

Think about it.

I’m actually on a mission to write at least one letter a month to someone I care of. I just can’t describe the beauty and power of the letter, thus, I can only suggest you do the same.

Write the letter, receive the letter. Spread positivity and love to people around you and do it slowly and valuably.

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