How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Writers

We all may struggle without fears. As writers, it’s easy to compare ourselves to others. We may follow successful writers and see ourselves and inferior, without actually giving it a second thought.

Fear of rejection, unconfidence, and overall lack of creative voice may lead us to make poor creative choices, or even worse, make no choices at all, thus, leaving our stories untold.

This makes me wonder, how can we feel confident about our own writing and story, without breaking our spiritual and creative self?

During my time of writing stories and blog posts, I’ve been through a lot of changes and challenges.

One of my greatest challenges has been the drive to constantly compare myself to others.

I might be writing a fantasy novel and while I’m writing, I might read Tolkien’s work or maybe some Game of Thrones. I see these genius authors use colourful language and different words on every occasion and when I get back to my own work, I feel inferior.

This makes me believe that I’m completely untalented and unskilled, that I have no chance of becoming that bestseller author and achieving my dreams. But the truth is that these great authors have written for many more years than I have, their mother’s language is English, while I’ve had to learn it, for I’m a Finn.

But I can learn and I’ve already mastered the English language better than my mother’s language, thus, achieving your goals is totally possible.

There are so many factors that have no connection to my individual talent and skill. Every writer has his own voice, thus, every piece of writing is different, even if the writers would be objectively equally skilled.

There’s also a thing that I call inner eyes. With this, I mean the fact that you are bound to criticise your own work much more easily than criticizing someone else’s work.

When you read a book from your favourite author or listen to a new song from your favourite artist, there’s this sense of magical creation. You don’t know how that piece of art came to be, thus, you haven’t seen the struggles the author went through.

But when you write your own book, you know all the thoughts and struggles you had one the way. All the plot-twists you made, you have known for a long time. You’ve been exposed to your own work for a long long time, thus, you see more flaws in it that your readers.

There’s also the fear that we all share. The fear of our writing being complete carbage. The fear of rejection. The fear of not being good enough.

We writers put our souls into our work. The book that we write is part of us and we want it to be perfect.

But here’s the thing.

Nothing is perfect, and that’s perfect.

What I hope you to understand, is that there’s no such thing as perfection.

If you constantly rewrite your book in hopes of achieving perfection, stop it, for you’ll never get there, not because you’re not good enough, but because it’s simply impossible.

Constantly trying to do things perfectly makes you freeze. You won’t publish your book, thus, you won’t get experience from it.

There’s also the fact that we all have a different voice. Comparing your own voice to Martin’s voice is totally foolish. You’re both unique writers with your own strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to and should not copy Martin’s style because it’s his voice and you have your own.

Our fears are things we might never be freed of, but we can take away their power.

Don’t focus on the negative thoughts that emerge during your writing. Remember your own creative voice and destiny and move towards it. Remember that only by doing what you are meant to do, can you find success. Don’t copy, don’t fear, for you’re on your way to success.

And remember that you can improve as a writer. It’s a skill you can only master by writing a lot and being open for feedback.

If you want to learn more about characterization, outlining, or plotting, use Google as your guide. Read, write, explore, and you’ll find your way to the next level of the creative process.

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