Mental Health And The Healing Power Of Fantasy

Mental health is an extremely important thing. Depression and other issues can drag almost anyone to deep waters, where they can’t see the light of the future. This can lead to destructive events, even death. These are some of the reasons I decided to do my part in the fight against depression, by writing a book about it.

My book, the battle of the broken mind, talks about mental health while taking place in a fantasy setting. Heavy use of symbolism and deep messages give the story more flavour and the ability to comfort people who struggle with these subjects. The antagonists of my story are actual embodiments of mental problems. They are grief, fear, and hatred.
There were many other ways I could talk about mental health and offer guidance and support to people suffering from depression, so why did I choose fantasy in particular?

First of all, fantasy offers something intriguing and absorbing to the reader.

I believe that people can more easily learn something when they get information from a story. Characters, plots, and other storytelling devices allow the reader to absorb and get attached to the subject being discussed.

This is why I don’t believe the best way to cure depression is to read a bunch of medical books detailing what depression is.
Medical papers often come across as cold and distant, which is true, for they only talk about the subject by its face value.
But when you talk about the subject in a story, it makes the reader think more. It gets more personal as the characters suffer from the same things the reader might suffer and this allows the story to really affect the reader, hopefully in a positive way.

Second of all, fantasy offers a great way to escape the real world and get some form of peace for a moment.

When you’re reading fantasy, you’re exploring a different reality. We might be stressed and sad in our own reality, but when you open a fantasy book, you can get away from your dark thoughts and anxiety for a blissful moment.

Fantasy gives the reader a chance to break free from the dark chains of depression for a moment. It allows them to step back and not be the one suffering.

I crafted a deep world for my book and I aimed to talk about the ugliest realities of depression in a way that still gives hope to the reader, not desperation.

I believe more writers should write their own pieces for the people suffering from mental problems.

The power of the story is immense.

When I was writing the book, my deepest wish was to help people and allow them to see the light, once again.

I think I succeeded and I can’t wait for my story to spread to more people and offer them support.

This is why fantasy offers a great chance for helping in the fight against depression. What do you think?

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