Who Truly Writes The Truth In The Modern World?

Good day, my dear readers! I don’t usually write about my political/philosophical thoughts, for I hate politics in a way. I don’t read the news, nor do I watch public debates about things, for there’s nothing for me there.

The only things I hear in the news are the things that are wrong. Debates are filled with argument fallacies, which pretty much kills any real argument, and as I said, the news focus on the negative aspects of the world, for who would buy a paper that wrote about the positive aspects?

This negative mindset of today’s world haunts me. The way the media and the people in charge want to express things is just terrible to behold. You can’t believe how many times I’ve thought about joining this political scene, but when I think it through a couple of times, I realize there’s no point of talking with people whose only goal is to make them seem like the correct party, even if the thing they’re defending is wrong by all definitions.

So, what is the thing I wanted to talk about, you might ask?

Well, I wanted to ask a simple question:

Who writes the rules and defines truth and lies in today’s world?

This is a question that I’ve been thinking about a lot and I’m not here to claim I have the answer, to be fact, I don’t. I just want to think about this and try to open doors for others to join the conversation.

Have you noticed how the media talks about different subjects? Through my research and just everyday life, I’ve noticed a trend that is the criminalization of western culture.

I’m going to tell you a short story about this:

A man named Joral lives his life in a regular city. The city is a vast place with a long history. Joral is the son of the people who once founded the city and made it thrive, but in the process, they made mistakes and cruel actions.

One day, as Joral walks on the streets, he’s confronted by a group of people. The group starts accusing Joral of being a cruel man and a monster. Confused Joral defends himself rightfully, for he has done absolutely nothing wrong in his days, but the group pushes on.

They end up beating Joral to death and all of this happened because the group found out that his ancestors were cruel, thus, making Joral cruel as well

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t judge the son from his father’s mistakes.”

I think that’s a great sentence to keep in mind in this modern world. Western culture and the people of Europe have done terrible things, as have we all. Every single culture in existence has done cruel things and brutal actions that have caused a terrible amount of pain to others. After all, this is the human condition and us as mortals are bound to make mistakes. But we can still evolve and learn from the mistakes to turn into better people.

So why is it that the people of Europe and their culture is criminalized? The media makes it look like the people of Europe would be evil by nature and the Europeans that live today are held against the wall for the actions of their ancestors, which is wrong.

I’m not going to beg for forgiveness about the crimes my father did. I’m not going to ask for forgiveness about the crimes my ancestors did. The only crimes I will ask for forgiveness are the ones I do and that’s the way it should be.

What interests me is the fact that the word “racist” is thrown around a lot these days. If a white man, let’s say a guard, commands another white man out of the property, it’s considered alright and normal. But if the white man commands a black man or any non-white man out of the property, there’s a chance that the media will call this an act of “racism” and accuse the guard of being a racist, which is totally a made-up accusation, for he was just doing his job. 

About a year ago, I was visiting the capital of Finland, Helsinki. I was enjoying a meal in a street restaurant when a group of immigrant men walked to me and demanded me to give them my meal.

I calmly told them that they could order their own meals from the restaurant and that the meal I was eating is mine, which is something I never thought I’d had to say. They then asked me, “Are you a racist?”

So, because I didn’t give a random man the food I bought, I’m now a racist?

This is not the case. No matter the race of the man who would come to demand my food, I’d still say no. This is not racism. It’s called the “reality of life”.

The media gives this kind of active power. They throw racism at every conflict, which takes away the meaning of the word. You don’t give a free ride to a black man? You’re a racist. You don’t give them the food you bought? You’re a racist. 

It’s like the tax driver would just give free rides to a white man simply because of the colour of his skin, after all, he doesn’t need money to live his life. (sarcasm)

This is the problem I see today. Media shifts the focus from real problems to make up things that are not even true. This chains the people being accused of these fake crimes, for they simply can’t even see the truth.

I’ve heard people say, “Only white people can be racist.” I always laugh when I hear that, for it’s total crap and shows how much the media keeps brainwashing people.

Racism is not a trait of a certain race. A white man can be racist, but he can also be the exact opposite. A black man can be a racist, but he can be the exact opposite.

Why is it so hard to see this fact? Demonising a group of people is wrong, but when the group is white people, it’s suddenly right. What kind of justice is that? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not.

Positive discrimination seems to be the new trend, but I don’t see it as positive at all. People want to end discrimination by discriminating someone else. Is that really ending discrimination? Well, of course not. It’s simply changing the people being discriminated, which in itself is wrong.

It’s sad because it ruins the lives of the accused and the victimised people. The media creates an illusion that we accept as reality, but I tell you now, look over it.

Stop reading the articles on the internet. Stop buying their papers and subscribing to their newsletters. Stop funding their empire, built of lies and misinformation and start building the kingdom of truth.

We all have the choice before us and it’s up to us to change the ways truth is created.

I’m not a racist, nor am I a sexist or any other word that is getting thrown around. I’m simply a philosophical Christian man, who wonders the reasons for the current chaos of the world. And if you want to call me a racist, go ahead. After all, I’m not bound by the views others have of me.

Just to make sure you don’t get confused, I’m not claiming all media to be like this. Not all articles are filled with argument fallacies and not all politicians are accepting “positive discrimination.” in face value. I just wanted to make a point that too many are doing it and it’s time to start changing things.

If we want to stop murder, we can’t stop it by murdering someone else, for then we’ve already failed 

I wish my writing got you to think about the world. I don’t want to spread any “hate” or claim to be fully correct, for I know I’m just a man and I make mistakes. I just wanted to express some of my thoughts and ask you the question, what do you think?

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