How To Cure Depression By Writing

Depression is cold, silent, and deadly. Once it has you in its grasp, it can feel like nothing can help you to get out and feel freedom ever again.

Though I’m not a therapist or a professional psychologist, there are things that I’ve learned to assist in this fight and today, I’m going to share them with you.

So, how can you help yourself in your fight against depression?

Simply put: Write

If you have people in your life that cause you to feel anger and sadness, write a letter to those people and burn it afterwards

Write down the thoughts you have. Write down the things you feel bad about. Maybe you have a memory that haunts your dreams? Or maybe you feel guilty about something and can’t seem to get over it?

Writing channels your thoughts onto the paper. It allows you to recognise the things you feel and it helps you to lift some pressure off your shoulders. If you feel sad, write about why you feel sad. If you feel angry, write about why you feel angry.

If you have people in your life that cause you to feel anger and sadness, write a letter to those people and burn it afterwards. It may sound foolish, but once you start doing it regularly, it will show its power to you very quickly.

I struggled to do this for a long time because I just saw it as a bunch of nonsense, but after I tried it, I felt such relief that I had never felt before. I gained peace to my mind and felt like I was slowly getting over the things that kept me chained in darkness.

So, I suggest you write down your thoughts and feelings in order to actually see them somewhere else than your mind. But can you do something else to ease your pain?

You sure can!

Another thing I’ve noticed is by writing a story/book, you can delve even deeper into your core and see what haunts you. Writing a book about something and creating characters that resemble something about you is a powerful way to gain insight into yourself. It allows you to talk to your inner self while channelling the pain out onto the paper, and naturally, you gain confidence when you actually realize you wrote a book so it’s a win-win situation!

My first book, The Battle of the Broken Mind, is a story about the fight against depression and I wrote it while being depressed myself. Isn’t that ironic?

Each character in the story resembles a part of me, in a way or another. The antagonists are basically the physical incarnation of the causes of depression.

But the thing I noticed while writing that book was that I felt lighter. I felt like the burden that hangs from my shoulders got lighter after each chapter. It felt like I was channelling the darkness out from my heart, thus, freeing myself from its control.

Each character in the story resembles a part of me, in a way or another. The antagonists are basically the physical incarnation of the causes of depression.

These antagonists were Hatred, Grief, and Fear. The story follows a woman named Ava and her literal battle against these beings.

It’s like a symbolic story with fantasy elements in it to keep it non-medical, which is a great relief to me.

I think my book is a great example of writing your depression out. I literally created characters from my feelings and the pain I felt inside, and then, I just wrote about them.

I placed my protagonist in a dark place and painful situation and wrote her out, and as I wrote this, I began to realize what I needed to do in order to free myself from the chains of depression.

It’s like telling yourself what you already know, but with a story, which I think is an even stronger way of learning something.

After I wrote, “The End,” I felt like a giant boulder had fallen off my soul. I held my book in my hands, opened it, and read it. I realized what had caused me so much pain during the years and I was moved by my own story. After all, those characters are part of me.

So I wrote a book about the things I had in mind and I continue to do so in my current projects as well, and the power that writing gives you is immense. Don’t underestimate it.

Keeping a simple diary about your daily emotions and thoughts is a great way to start, and if you want to go a step farther, write a book that will show you the way to the light. Think about it, as you heal yourself with your story, you offer support to others suffering from the same things. So by helping yourself, you’re actually helping others as well! Words are truly magical and filled with power!

I wish you found inspiration in this post and I would love to hear what you think about the subject! Do you believe in the healing powers of words?

My sincere thanks yo all of you and may your days be filled with inspiration and abundance! I talk more about personal development in one of my newest posts as well:

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Till tomorrow, my friends!

2 thoughts on “How To Cure Depression By Writing

  1. I totally agree with this., writing was good therapy and was very cathartic! Honestly, I don’t know if I would’ve survived if it hadn’t been for my first love of writing and second love of singing!

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