Blog Update And News About Medium!

Good day, my dear reader friends! I have some news for you!

During the past year, I’ve grown more and more interested in a certain site, called Medium.

I see Medium as a great opportunity to spread my word and stories to a wider audience and now I’m happy to announce that I’ve created an account and started writing posts!

This doesn’t mean I’ll abandon my original blog, of course not, but I will write more posts on Medium as well! You’ll get twice the posts, though some of them will be on a different platform!

I’m so happy with all the growth and comments I’ve gotten on my posts! I’m so grateful that you read my stories and find them intriguing and now, I invite you to join me on Medium as well!

Follow me on Medium and check out my newest posts! Claps are more than appreciated and I can’t wait to see what you think of my work there!

By following me on Medium, you’ll help me to build a loyal readership and possibilities for me to write more often and longer posts! Medium offers me a chance to earn money from my posts, which is a huge thing for me, for I too need to pay my rent somehow.

My sincere thanks to all of you and I hope I’ll see you on Medium as well!

Take care, my fellow creative wizards!

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