See Through The Eyes Of The Visionary. Long Poems #3

What is art
I wonder as I slowly shift into the realm beyond ours
What is love
I dream as I dance between the stars and the shining moons

For some
Art is what they do with the power they are left with
After the world has taken the rest
For others
Art is meaningless pieces of words on paper
Or paint on canvas

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

But for me
Art is the closest thing to the divine purity
That our mortal hearts can feel

For me
My words are not just words on paper
My words are strings of golden purity
Granted to me by my creator

I’m guided by the breath of the universe
I’m mentored by the many-faced man in the train
I’m loved by someone beyond these physical limitations
I’m chosen by the one and only to write what I write

For me
Art is love

For me
Art is life

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