The Tori Blades. Jalten Short Stories #13

It was only when the sky spat fire upon us

And the sky was covered in darkened smoke

That did the champions of humanity stand forth

And showed their worth to the Gods

During the Divine Wars, humanity was tasked to fight against Akretsu and Mehron’s forces alongside the remaining Charitar and Valtar armies. Humanity saved their allies from certain destruction and with their fearless battles, they destroyed the dark armies and earned the victory for the Gods and the realm of the living.

After the dark legions had been defeated, humanity waited for the Gods to finish off the dark lord himself and when they returned, they had a gift for the human champions.

The Gods crafted the legendary Tori blades, which means Kings in Charital. They crafted a total of four blades and these were given to the four most powerful warriors of humanity.

Lord Talros, the tactical and loyal champion of King Valnor was given the mighty Rapier sword, which was infused with silver and light from the stars. A carved owl was also crafted onto its handle and this became the Talrossian sigil later on.

Lord Yrtuk, the brutal and fearless warrior was given the strong longsword, crafted from the strongest steel and decorated with red gems.

Lord Swiftblade, the agile and quick assassin was granted the two daggers, blessed with incredible sharpness and silence. It is said that the user of these blades can become invisible.

And finally, Lord Valnor, King of mankind, was granted the Greatsword Smite. This blade was forged by Amtor himself and decorated by Shinara. Charitar smiths also took part in the creation of this sword, making magical runes cover the blade. Smite was decorated with silver moons and golden suns and the handle itself was forged from pure light.

These blades would become the legacy of the Tori families. Some blades were changed, some were lost, but most of them are still kept in the chambers of the family members whose fathers once gained these blades from the Gods.

Tori blades are legendary with their power and strength. No regular steel blade could ever even scratch the surface of a Tori blade, but another Tori blade could even shatter the other.

These days, Tori blades are rarely used in combat. They have been placed in temples and castles of the world, where they shine their divine presence around their subjects.

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