The Burden of the Storyteller

What is life? What is the meaning of life?

These are questions I think of every single day and so far, I haven’t gotten a conclusion for this, though I’ve found some hints of the possible answer.

Life is like a Grand Play, written by God and it’s so complicated and vast that even Game of Thrones can’t compete against the scale of this story!

Everyone has their character arc’s to fulfil and a hero’s journey to walk through, but here comes a burning question from the depths of my soul:

Why does it feel like I’m outside of this journey? Just an author who describes the world but doesn’t really feel it?

Before I became an author, I was already a creative person. I composed music, I drew and created all kinds of art. I enjoyed that time, but it was only when I started writing when I felt something divine in my work. When I write, I feel like I’m channelling something greater than myself through my pen, using my words to describe this higher inspiration.

I know that my destiny is to be a writer and that I’m meant to change the world for the better with my stories and words, but sometimes I swear I feel like I’d be just a viewer of the life’s story.

I can’t fully describe it, but it feels like I’m writing about the things I feel and the things I see, but the things I truly feel are the things I write.

My characters are my closest friends and their journeys are the things that make me climb up from my comfy bed in the morning and in a way, this is good. Being inspired is a vital thing in order to write good work, but this is something different.

It feels like I wouldn’t exist in away. My words are flowing onto the page and my vision is coming true, but when I close the laptop of the book, everything, including myself, vanishes away. It feels like I’d disappear into thin air or to another plane of existence. It feels like I’d walk among people, but I really wouldn’t be there.

Exist, but not to exist, feels weird right?

Well, it does feel confusing as hell, I must admit.

Anyway, those are just some thoughts I wanted to write down and share with you, my loyal readers.

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