How To Defeat Writer’s Block│3 Tips For Making Great Writing Progress!

Writer’s Block is one of, if not the most annoying and difficult thing to overcome as a writer. Defeating this mighty and elusive foe requires you to keep your mind sharp and strong, but this can be easier said than done. During the stressing writing process, writer’s block may be able to sneak into your mind and when you realize what’s happening, it’s already too late.

So how do you defeat writer’s block? How can you keep writing that book you love so much?

Well, I’m going to tell you and show you three tips I’ve used to battle against writer’s block with incredible results!

Writer’s Block at its finest

Tip Number One: Write Every Single Day!

Now, you’ve probably heard this been said before, but you really can’t underestimate the power of writing every day. If you’ve read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield, you’ve certainly familiar with the following argument, but here it comes anyway!


You can’t learn a subject by just waiting, you have to work and study to finally achieve knowledge! The same thing goes with inspiration! Sitting around and avoiding the pain of going back to your first draft and facing your fears won’t give you inspiration.

You may think that inspiration is a requirement for creating art and you are partly right! Without inspiration, creating can feel empty and plain, but the thing is, inspiration doesn’t just suddenly appear from nothingness!

I may just stare at my laptop for some time, but it’s still better than doing nothing!

According to Pressfield, inspiration comes when we actually sit down and write. At first, you may struggle to write, especially after a long break. It can feel like your mind is empty of words, your creative vision blurred and your descriptions feeling hollow, but trust me, after some time, you will make a breakthrough! By pushing through the pain and actually writing, you awoke the inspiration. You gain the blessing of the Muse, after which you will notice how words will start flowing effortlessly and your vision will become crystal clear!

I fully believe in this theory and I’ve felt it first hand! There are so many days when I struggle to write. I feel like my ideas are terrible and I just can’t get anything down onto the paper, but even though I may just stare at my laptop for some time, but it’s still better than doing nothing!

So push through the pain, no matter how overwhelming the task may seem at first. Remember, that feeling will pass soon and you will notice the inspiration flowing through you!

Tip Number Two: Keep A Writing Diary!

This is a relatively new thing I started doing and let me say, it works like a charm!

Writing a book is a long task and the number of words one story can hold is immense! It’s easy to lose motivation when you feel like you’re not doing any actual progress, but this is exactly why you should try to use a diary to document your word count!

I’m using a site called Write Track! It allows you to set your goal while showing your actual progress in a motivating way! You basically just write down the number of words you wrote that day and it will count towards your goal, giving you a clear indication of your progress!

It also gives you a prediction of your future progress by looking at the phase you’ve worked so far!

It really helps to keep motivation high and I highly recommend you to take a look! It’s free! 

Tip Number Three: Create an inspiring atmosphere, which serves the tone of your story!

This subject is a thing I’m highly passionate about and I’m planning to write a whole post about this alone, but I’m going to give you a quick summary! If you want to read the future posts, be sure to follow my blog and share it with your fellow writers! 

With an inspiring atmosphere, I mean audio and the world around you.

For example, creating a playlist on Youtube or Spotify specifically for a character or a place allows you to get into the story itself. Writing a horror scene? Make a playlist with dozens of horrific and creepy tracks to feel that fear you want your readers to feel!

Audio, at least for me, is a very powerful tool and the amount of inspiration I can get from a touching song is immense!

But I also suggest you change the world around you to match your needs. This can be something along the lines of designing your own writing room or just sitting in a cafe while changing some esthetic things in your laptop!

One of the things I suggest is to use software that allows you to work distraction-free!

Apps like Ommwriter allow you to design your own working space within your laptop while keeping you away from Twitter and Facebook!

These kinds of small things can have a huge impact on your work and the way you handle ideas and gain inspiration!

Hopefully, these tips gave you some inspiration and helped with your struggles against writer’s block! I’m posting three posts every single week so make sure to follow my blog for more short stories and writing tips!

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