Jalten Character Profile: Calin Talros, lord of the east.

I didn’t create this picture. It served as inspiration when I created Calin

Short Backstory:

Calin Talros is the lord of the Talrossian lands, located at the far east of the continent of Arailtal. His family has been a close friend of the Valnorian family. Calin’s ancestor, Sir Talros was the one to support king Valnor during the divine conflicts. The two of them quickly formed a friendship and after the war ended, the king gave a high rank to Talros, and later as the time passed, he gifted his family some lands from the east.

Now, Calin is the lord of the east and is a good friend of Maron. He stays in the capital for most of his time, supporting and advising his friend in his time of need. He has sworn to fight in any battles his king would fall in and his neverending respect for the kingdom shines brightly among the corrupted lords.

Calin’s wife, Lady Sonja takes care of their homelands, while his son, Enric Talros, is working as an adventurer, discovering new continents and islands for humanity.


Calin is a calculative man, yet he can be short-tempered. He has no tolerance to corruption or cowardness, choosing to be in the midsts of conflict before allowing someone else to take his place. He’s a skilled warrior, but most of all, he’s a gifted politician, helping Maron with the troubles of ruling the kingdom.

Cold to his enemies and warm to his friends, Calin is a true friend of the crown and continues the family tradition of honour and unquestioned loyalty.

My Plans For The Character:

Calin will be a side character for most of the time in the first book, but later on, he will gain more influence in the story as conflicts start rising. He will have a huge impact on the Valnorian family later on.

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