Jalten Character Profile: Sir Jaroc

I didn’t create this picture. It served as inspiration when I created Jaroc

Short Backstory:

Sir Jaroc is one of the most skilled knights in the north. He was born into a poor family, with an abusive and furious father. Jaroc had a harsh childhood and his emotional and physical abuse led him to grow cold and melancholic. Later on, as the northern king called the men to fight in the upcoming war, Jaroc enlisted, hoping to finally get away from his father and family. His hopes were fulfilled as he joined the army and fought in the war at the age of nineteen.

Jaroc’s superiors reported him to be an effective and brutal warrior. He killed many men without a second thought and his skills with the blade were incredible for such a young man. When they asked him about his fighting skills, Jaroc revealed he had bought a cheap sword with all his savings and trained in secret since he was eleven, hoping to one day have his revenge against his father.

Jaroc gained fame among the northern people and the word of his bravery and brutality reached the ears of the king. Due to his effective killing, Jaroc was sent to countless scouting and assassination mission, which he carried out successfully. At the end of the lost war, Jaroc and few of the most skilled warriors were called to the capital by the king. There, he knighted the men and offered them a place by his side. Jaroc took the title immediately and with great honour.

Years went by and the king who first knighted Jaroc grew older and passive. There weren’t many fights between the north and the south as the king waited for a special vision to secure his victory, not wanting to be defeated again. Jaroc was an active warrior though, taking part in the skirmishes that ensued from time to time, but the day of reckoning would soon come upon his bloody sword.

It was a cold night when Jaroc was riding over the Grey Streams with a couple of his closest friends. He was sent to gather information of the Valnorian border patrols and if possible, scout the Grey Stream city. Jaroc overestimated the cover of darkness, which led him and his friends to be spotted by the guards. They sounded the alarm and a hundred riders were sent to cut the intruders down. Jaroc and his party fought against the Valnorian warriors, but they were vastly outnumbered and slaughtered. Jaroc was gravely wounded and he was barely able to ride away from the battle.

He headed back home, but his wounds were too great and he fell off his horse while riding through the Shardwood. There he laid, coughing blood and preparing to die. His chest had been slashed open and his leg was shot with an arrow. What happened to him next was something he had never spoken off, but after this incident, Jaroc notably calmed down and changed into a more honourable man with kindness and love in his heart. Though he still remained stoic in nature, he was not the same man he used to be.


Jaroc is a skilled fighter and a master rider. Though years have weakened him, he’s still one of the best knights in the north. His stoic and brooding nature may scare people away, but under his cold skin, lays a friendly and loving man. He knows his way around words and always finds the correct ones to inspire and ease the pain of his friends.

My Plans For The Character:

Jaroc will be one of the most important supporting characters. His path will follow Rakul and Zylron closely. He will have a great impact on other characters and the main conflict of my books.

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