Jalten Character Profile: Rakul Yrtuk, Prince of the North

I didn’t create this picture. It served as inspiration when I created Rakul

Short Backstory:

Rakul is the firstborn son of Dravok, the northern king. He’s the older brother of Zylron and Durkor, who’s still a small child, only five years old. Rakul, though a physically strong and mighty warrior, is more silent than his father. He’s calm, honourable, and just. Some call him the exact opposite of his father, which is something he can’t disagree with.

Rakul loves his brothers and his mother especially. He hates that his father won’t allow him to see Zylron, but he sends messages to him via his loyal knights. Sir Jaroc is one of his best friends and he knows his relationship with Zylron. He’s thankful that he’s protected his brother and been like a father to him.

Rakul has led countless scouting missions to the Grey Rivers. He’s listened to his father’s stories about the plan his family has been making since the dawn of humanity. Dravok had told Raku that he fill fulfil that prophecy during his lifetime and he will be the one to thrive in it, once he’s gone. Though Rakul shows absolute loyalty to his father, he can’t but fear his insane words. He’s also seen the book of dreams, which he avoids like the plague, for one glance at the text was enough to turn his mind dark. He fears his father is completely lost in this magic, but to this day, he serves his people loyally.


Rakul is a calm and silent man. His words are thought through and his way of speaking is calming, even in the most dire of situations. He’s an honourable man who believes in justice, which contrasts him from his father clearly. He doesn’t use his strength to achieve his selfish goals, which is something the kings and princes before him had always done. Rakul would never kill a man who struggles to stand up. He fights with honour, always giving his opponent the chance before cutting them down. Rakul inspires his people in a way no other northern prince has ever done. People have seen his strength, but they’ve also seen his heart. Usually, emotional and calm men have been spat upon, but Rakul has shown that a man can be calm and strong as a bear at the same time.

He loves his brothers and his mother. He spends a lot of time with her, asking for help and guidance. He fears for the safety of his brother but believes that the Gods will watch over him.

My Plans For The Character:

Rakul is a relatively new character. I’ve been editing my opening chapters because I feel like the themes aren’t shown clearly enough. I need a better way to introduce the characters and I believe Rakul to be the right man to assist in that mission!

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