Jalten Character Profile: Dianil, Light of Valnoria

I didn’t create this picture. It served as inspiration when I created Dianil

Short Backstory:

Dianil is the second child of the royal family of Valnoria. She’s the only daughter of Maron. When she was a child, she showed extreme interest in religion and magic. As a Valnorian, her connection to the Gods and magic is more powerful than any other commoner, thus, her plans for the future was to become a priestess of the sun and for a long time, this was her goal and dream.

Until the day her mother died. Maron had left the capital and crossed the continent of Charital. He was going to assist his ally, Thorald in his war against the rebels and during his months-long trip, his wife was killed in a rebel ambush. Heartbroken, Maron returned home. He fell into a deep depression and he felt like his life had lost its meaning. Dianil grew really close to his father. She took care of him, helping him through the darkest times. Maron told her how he saw a piece of her mother in her eyes, thus, he didn’t want to lose her. This is why Maron is against her plans to become a priestess, for all priestesses are required to make the Sail of Promise, which is a risky journey.

After her argument with her father, she began looking for different paths to take. Talrossians had already asked for her hand, a request which she declined from. She didn’t want to leave her home to journey to the other side of the continent of Arailtal, thus, she remained in Valnoria, clueless of her future, while still dreaming about becoming a priestess.


Dianil is a kind and loving woman. She’s artistic, enjoying painting and singing, while also showing great talent in magic, though she rarely uses her spells. Despite her kind and caring personality, she is very determined in things she decides to do. She can read through people’s minds and see when someone’s lying to her. Some explain this with magic, theorising about her using magics to see through peoples’ souls.

My Plans For The Character:

Dianil will be a more supportive character in the beginning, but slowly grow more important as conflict start rising in the world. Her abilities will be vital for humanity and her loving nature will help to create peace and unity between the people. I have many twists planned, but they are something you have to wait and read! >w<

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