Jalten Character Profile: Mehron, the Guardian of Aronailos

I didn’t create this picture. It served as inspiration when I created Mehron

Short Backstory:

Mehron, once a mighty and honourable Charitar warrior and the Blade of the King, is now a mere shadow of himself, cursed to relive his past mistakes in his sleep.

Mehron was once a Charitar Warrior and a powerful mage. He was one of the first Charitar to be created by Jatensa himself and he was one of the strongest believers of all his people. He fell in love with a Charitar woman, named Ialar and their love would last for thousands of years.

But his fortune didn’t last forever. The divine wars began. The skies turned dark and blood began raining down as thunder broke out. Akretsu had arrived and he had started the battle against Amtor and Shinara, the Gods protecting the realm. Akretsu managed to touch the face of the earth and summon his legions by using the powers of Sylthor. As Amtor continued battling Akretsu, Shinara came to Charitar people and asked them to join them in their fight against the darkness.

Mehron and his people fought with the Gods and in the end, they were victorious, but only for a moment. Akretsu ran to north and prepared for another assault, while the Gods rested, healing their wounds. Mehron was furious and led his army to chase Akretsu, but this led to his capture and his turn to Mulwutar. He and his army were turned into the horned creatures known as Mulwutar. Their skin turned to flesh and their hair turned heavy and silver.

The redemption war started and humanity was created to battle the darkness. Mehron was forced to fight against his people, but in the end, Amtor struck down Akretsu and the war ended. Mehron surrendered and was forgiven by the Gods, but they forced him to promise to never leave the north and always protect the city of Aronailos, for reason only they know.

Now, Mehron’s wife has grown sick and she’s slowly dying. Mehron’s skin is falling apart as his days are coming to an end, but he refuses to die before humanity is saved from the upcoming storm.


Mehron is a brooding man. He’s defeated by grief and hatred. He suffers from constant nightmares and even when he’s awake, he can hear the voices of his past mistakes whispering into his ear. As cold as his outlook is and as soulless his eyes might look, he still loves his people, and most importantly, his wife. He feels like he has failed her, for she has to remain in bed, waiting to die.

Mehron is a legendary swordsman. He has thousands of years of experience in fighting foes much larger than himself. He’s also a powerful user of magical energies, though his magic doesn’t come from the sun or moon. He’s a thinking man, rarely acting without thinking. He speaks rarely, preferring to keep his words to himself.

My Plans For The Character:

Mehron will be one of the most important POV characters. His journey will be long and it will affect the main story of my books. He will truly be an intriguing character to write and I can wait to see how he changes on the way!

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